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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Canterbury U.S. Open Beach Touch Tournament A Success

Photo Credit: Michael Kreizenbeck

Recently the first annual Canterbury US Open Beach Touch Tournament took place near the famous pier in Santa Monica, California. The tournament featured some of the best rugby players in Southern California and combined beach and touch rugby, two of the fastest growing forms of the game in the United States.

After the tournament, organizer Shawn Lee was thrilled. "The tournament went incredibly well. The new location right by the Santa Monica Pier couldn't have been a more picturesque backdrop. It was the end of October and it was 82 and sunny all day. Couldn't have been more perfect conditions for a beach touch rugby competition."

The tournament was taken by the Beachboks who beat the Half Nelson 2-0 in the final. The Beachboks, which featured several ex-pat South African player in the region, beat the Del Mar Hoodz 6-1 in the semi-finals while the Half Nelsons beat The Other Guys 6-0. The Plate was taken by the Beachcoqs 3-1 over the SoCal Bogans.

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"We were really happy with the turnout with teams coming from as far as San Diego, Kern and Ventura," said Lee. "All up there were over 20 teams and about 250 players. In the end the local teams that are very familiar with the Santa Monica sand were the ones that dominated the tournament."

Thanks to their success this year the tournament is looking to grow next year. "Based on the success of the tournament we're really looking to expand into a 3 stop series next year. Canterbury North America and BudLight are already committed to next year's series as they see the growing value of rugby in the US and a beach touch rugby series is a great way to boost exposure for the sport."


Cup Final

Beachboks 2-0 Half Nelsons

Cup Semi-finals

Beachboks 6-1 De Mar Hoodz
Half Nelsons 6-0 The Other Guys'

Plate Final

Beachcoqs 3-1 So Cal Bogans

Plate Semi-finals

Beachcoqs 3-2 Kern County
So Cal Bogans 5-2 Santa Monica

Championship Pool Play

Beachcoqs 3-2 Wai Kekoa
Beachboks 8-1 Air Force
Air Force 1-2 Beachcoqs
Wai Kekoa 2-3 Air Force
Santa Monica 1-6 The Other Guys
The Other Guys 6-1 Kern County
Santa Monica 0-8 Del Mar Hoodz
The Other Guys 1-1 Huntington Beach Unicorns
Santa Monica 6-3 Kern County
Del Mar Hoodz 4-0 Huntington Beach Unicorns
Ventura Outlaws 0-4 So Cal Bogans
Santa Monica 1-2 Del Mar Hoodz
Half Nelsons 6-0 Zot Zot Nation
Santa Monica 2-2 Huntington Beach Unicorns
Zot Zot Nation 7-1 Ventura Outlaws
Half Nelsons 6-0 So Cal Bogans
So Cal Bogans 3-2 Zot Zot Nation
Half Nelsons 7-0 Ventura Outlaws

Mixed Social Division

Fighting Nicholas Cages 2-2 ICEF Legends
USC Women 0-11 LA Royals
Misfits 1-8 ICEF Legends
Night's Watch 5-1 Misfits
LA Royals 10-1 Mean Streets
ICEF Legends 6-1 Night's Watch
Fighting Nicholas Cages 10-2 Night's Watch
Fighting Nicholas Cages 14-3 Misfit

Grand Final

LA Royals 6-2 ICEF Legends

Photo Credit: Michael Kreizenbeck

Photo Credit: Michael Kreizenbeck

Photo Credit: Michael Kreizenbeck

Photo Credit: Michael Kreizenbeck

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