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Thursday, October 1, 2015

USA Beach Ready For Another Season

Interest in rugby is taking on in many forms. Obviously 15s and 7s remain the most popular but there are increasing numbers of people participating in Touch (remember to sign up for the Canterbury US Open Beach Tournament later this month), League, and Beach. Although not officially affiliated with U.S.A. Rugby a team representing the U.S. has been playing in Europe and is ready for another season. Based in Britain the side will be participating in several 15s and 7s matches this season. Beginning with a match against the RAF the team will move on to tournaments Barcelona, Portugal, Italy and in England.

To get more on the team we spoke with player Chris Matthews to find out what the team is up to: "This year we are growing playing 15s and 7s as well under the name of voodoo rugby which we are working very closely with fatboys charity (www.fatboyscharity.com) for children with cancer. It's great as we are now being noticed and working with great companies like belief sports who supply our kit and do so all over the USA and we have a 3 year deal with them and this has allowed us to expand to 4 beach tournaments representing USA which we are very proud to do!"

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"Our full schedule this year sees us playing 15s against the Royal Air Force (RAF) as well as 7s competitions which we have allot of top 7s players interested in following us although they can't play they like what we stand for and how we play! And our big one is flying like an eagle over the sand! 4 tournaments in 4 different countries representing 1 country USA! You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram under voodoo rugby and we will keep you up to date on us and you can stream our beach tournaments live on the Internet!"

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