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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pro12 Once Again Signals Interest In The U.S.

Cam Dolan (left) playing for Cardiff

In the wake of the announcement that London Irish were going to play Saracens at Red Bull Arena next March the folks behind the Guinness Pro12 have once again affirmed their commitment to trying to play in the United States. According to a report in Wales, Pro12 managing director Martin Anayi said "The US is a market that resonates with us because of the Irish and Italian presence there. If we can promote the Pro12 in any way then it’s certainly a market we would look at.”

He went on to add that “Taking the elite game to the US sends a message that after the Rugby World Cup the game can grow and that is something which would be of interest to us. There is no specific timescale on playing in the US but the discussions have started and they were in place long before the news came out about London Irish and Saracens. I am getting to know PRL (Premiership Rugby Limited) a lot better. They have a lot of good people working there who have been involved in the process of taking games abroad. We have had some significant talks about it and the reality is there are stark costs involved. But it’s a good idea and we have a very strong competition to market. It’s about getting that out there and telling people about it.”

What do you think about the comments? Do you think more professional teams will play matches in the States?


  1. let me be broken record. Not without a major network behind the sport, or else this would be an exercise in futility

  2. I do not think European teams playing in the US will be a big draw. Not without major networks showing the games so that people can watch them without taking out a loan to afford it. Point blank, Americans just will not care on a scale large enough to have this great result that these teams are being duped in to believing.