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Monday, October 26, 2015

Opening Kick

Opening Kick is a segment devoted to bringing you all Eagles and U.S.A. Rugby news in one location. It is brought to you everyday by Rugby Marketplace, your independent rugby store

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National Teams:

This article on Yahoo says that success at the Olympics could be what the U.S. needs to  move forward


As we reported last week, the Rugby Gold Cup has been officially announced by U.S.A. Rugby

This Is Colorado Rugby has more on Air Force vs. Colorado and Colorado State vs. Wyoming

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Mary Washington opened brand new fields and held an open house last Saturday. 

West Chester earned another win as they beat Navy while Chad Wise has a deeper look at Indiana. 


It's Australia vs. New Zealand for the World Cup. The All Blacks beat the Springboks and the Wallabies beat the Pumas

Nigel Owens is the referee for the final. 

Mark Bennett, Vasil Lobzhanidze and Nehe Milner-Skudder are the nominees for World Rugby Breakthrough Player of the Year

Planet Rugby has their weekly who's hot and who's not


  1. Anybody pinning their hopes on a medal at the Olympics and that driving forward the growth of rugby is going to be sorely disappointed. Hope is not a plan. All the big countries will be giving the Olympics a big emphasis as well; particularly since this is just after the WC and a perfect time to release players that might otherwise be hoarded for 15's duty. A medal is going to be exceedingly hard to come by.

    There is not going to be a big "aha" moment from the general public that is suddenly going to launch rugby into the stratosphere. Continued hard work at the youth and collegiate level are what is going to move the needle.

    This World Cup has already been one huge missed opportunity. It has been the sporting equivalent of the tree in the forest. The rugby public should not be duped into thinking that the Olympics will be that sudden moment.

    1. I agree that it wont be an 'aha!' moment for the American public. However, with that, and the RWC7s two years later, on top of the grass roots efforts being done in Youth and College levels, it is a pretty good major step in attracting attention. Lots of people watch the Olympics, and we have about as good a shot of medaling as anyone else at this point. I think Coach Friday will build on his previous success and improve upon the substantial platform he's already built. Fortunately for us, 7s isn't run by our Champions of Mediocrity out at Boulder. So TV viewing and marketing will actually be better. Plus with 7s being Olympic, much more people will be watching than there is now. It wont be an 'aha!' moment, but it will be in the thoughts of more people. That could very well lead to more people giving it a shot, or at least taking a Saturday and going to watch a local game. Especially if the local clubs got more involved in marketing themselves and their games to the public.

    2. You do realize that the USA Rugby office in Boulder does, in fact, run the 7s program, right? They just don't put on the Vegas tournament.