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Friday, October 23, 2015

Opening Kick

Opening Kick is a segment devoted to bringing you all Eagles and U.S.A. Rugby news in one location. It is brought to you everyday by Rugby Marketplace, your independent rugby store

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National Teams:

Head coach Mike Friday has named an expanded training camp roster as the team gets ready for the Halloween 7s.

We caught up with Tom Coolican who talks about the Eagles, playing in the NRC, and more.

Both Alex Goff and Pat Clifton have more on the Todd Clever saga. The San Jose Mercury News also has quotes from several key players involved.


Correspondent Ryan Trost has a great in-depth look at the Rugby East and Iona's shock win over Army.

Take the jump to read more.

U.S.A. Club Rugby has announced their Top 20 rankings.

Cody Smith has more on the conference and the match between Kutztown vs. Army.

The four front-range DI-A teams are set for a double-header at Infinity Park on Saturday.

Lindenwood's Sebastian Kalm is on the long-list of players for Chile's upcoming matches.

The ACRA has pulled out of running a post-season citing differences with U.S.A. Rugby.

Mississippi State was featured in the student newspaper yesterday.

Congrats to the Washington Scandals who have been named the "Best LGBT Sports Team" of 2015.

Alex Goff has more on who should play in the ACRC Bowl Series and what match-ups are already settled. He also has a report on AIC's win over UConn.


Jeff Hull looks at how a for-profit model might help Canadian rugby.


Australia have named their side for this weekend's match against Argentina.

The salary cap in the Premiership is set to go up a significant amount over the next few years. They also had to explain how it's going to work.

Jonathan Joseph is set to be out three months for an injury he suffered against Fiji. 


  1. Has anybody thought to ask LaValla if the issue with the rescheduled gym session is as Clever said?

    1. If he really is stepping down and needn't worry about his place in the team, he would be the perfect person to do that.

      Tolkin could easily prove that Clever's version of is false by showing emails indicating when the session was changed. (It would be harder for Clever to prove a negative). If he's going to suggest that Clever is a liar, I wonder why he can't be bothered to prove it.