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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Opening Kick

Opening Kick is a segment devoted to bringing you all Eagles and U.S.A. Rugby news in one location. It is brought to you everyday by Rugby Marketplace, your independent rugby store

Our partners Grubber have everything for the World Cup fan!

National Teams:

Todd Clever has shared his version of what happened leading up to his dismissal from the Eagles Pacific Nations Cup team.

You had questions and we answered them. More on the Eagles, Women Eagles 7s, and more in our responses.

The latest behind the scenes video of the Eagles in England came out over the weekend.

For any fans worrying about AJ MacGinty possibly switching to Ireland: don't. It's never going to happen.

Titi Lamositele, Todd Clever, and Greg Peterson all made debuts in their respective competitions over the weekend.

Take the jump to read more.


The latest Canterbury Top 20 rankings are out with several teams on the move.

Watch out for Mystic River. They put up a big win over NYAC last weekend in the ARP. Old Blue also earned an important win.

Seattle have won again in British Columbia and look set for the BC Premier League.

Cal will be back in 7s action this weekend as they host the Autumn 7s.

Evan Lappen has articles on the ECRC and the Mid-Atlantic while Brett Anker has more on the SCRC.

Alex Goff has a look at Gonzaga's second place finish in the NCRC. Jackie Finlan writes about Stevens Point, Texas, and Towson.

Phantom Views looks at NFL players and who might make the best rugby team.

The Fallbrook High School boys team appears to be in jeopardy.


South Africa have named their side for their match against the All Blacks.

Heyneke Meyer says that this All Blacks team is the best of all time.

It's safe to say that Mario Ledesma is going to have mixed emotions as the Wallabies play the Pumas.

Highlights of the quarterfinals are up!

One columnist says the Craig Joubert situation is symptomatic of rugby's referee problems.

Nick Easter examines the semi-finals and why New Zealand are so dominant.

Jake Frechette goes against the Economist and says that teams shouldn't always choose the tee


  1. Check your link on the clever story. Either there is no mobile version or it dowsnt work

    1. It's a problem with their site at the moment.

    2. its fixed now, at least for me. i will tell you that my blood boiled at that.

      curtis- any idea how much truth there is in that story? any truth to how tolkin ran the team?

    3. Could be too much traffic. It can be found at reddit:


  2. I hope this "Clever story" is fact. I just shared it, and I feel like I finished the test too early...Nice scoop.

  3. If Clever's story is accurate, that was an intentional, deceitful setup by Tolkin to get rid of Todd. His fitness to run the Eagles for the betterment of American rugby should be in question.

    The coach-and-player-not-getting-along dynamic is as old as sport. If Tolkin thought Clever's effective days as a player were over he should come out and say as much when he leaves him off the squad. If the issue was personality conflict Tolkin should either deal with it directly in camp or suck it up, shut up and put his best squad on the field.

    I thought the Eagles were on a definite upswing after the summer tests and was really looking forward to the RWC. To completely eliminate the face of a team that has such a minimal presence in the overall American public eye...right when Clever is highlighted in a national sporting magazine...over what appears to be non-rugby reasons is inexcusable. Clever in ESPN on the cusp of the World Cup was an opportunity unlike any other in USA Rugby's history. Muffed it. Totally muffed it.

  4. Happy this is out in the open. Pretty classy on Todd's part to hold everything in for the sake of the Eagles (his teammates) throughout the RWC. It's hard to imagine a national team coach requiring his/her team to list from best to worst players on the squad. A pity that Tolkin is so inept that he needs players to rank themselves. Is Petri a better player than Smith - I'd hasten to say that Smith is a better lock than Petri and Petri is a better Scrumhalf than Smith, and so on ... How idiotic! Bravo to Clever for standing up for his team, like a great captain would do.
    Tell me, where was Nigel Melville through all of this? The USA Rugby press release left rugby fans questioning WHAT THE HELL DID TODD DO.? Questions of felonies were rumbling around. This is insane, Tolkin manufacturing a disgraceful way to kick Todd out.
    Are we as rugby fans going to sit quiet and let this go on?