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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Opening Kick

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National Teams:

Nigel Melville has given the strongest indications yet the U.S. will bid for the 2027 World Cup.

Registration is open for upcoming National Tracking Camps.


Correspondent Matt Tunney has the latest from the Big Ten where a trio of teams picked up big wins.

One of the best 7s tournaments of the year took place last weekend with Cal winning the West Coast 7s.

Colorado and Air Force picked up wins in the West while Army, Penn State, and Wheeling Jesuit won in the East.

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Army and Penn State have been added to the Varsity Cup.

Alex Goff has more on Arkansas State's win over Arkansas and the NECRC while Jackie Finlan writes about AIC, Lindenwood, and the MARC.


After suffering an injury Paul O'Connell's international career has come to an end.

Tom May says there will be no more 100 point matches while Greg Gowden advocates a consolation competition.

Eli Walker has replaced Liam Williams on the Welsh squad.

Voting is going to change for Man of the Match at the World Cup.

James O'Connor has been released by the Reds and is headed back to Europe.

Planet Rugby has their latest edition of Loose Pass


  1. I'd really like to see some analysis on the performance of our Head coach for the tournament. I just feel there are so many head scratching decision that have handicapped our team. My short list is
    1. Mike Petri is the best available scurm-half in the US? I doubt it.
    - Hayden Smith - After picking up injuries during the summer, why was he allowed to play hurt when we have an up and coming lock/back row player (Cam Dolan) playing very very well?
    2. How in the world did Matt Trouville/John Quill make the squad over Todd Clever?
    - I have defended Tolkin over this decision, hoping to see something from those two and Al McFarland. Boy was I wrong. IMHO, none of those players are good enough to start or play valuable minutes for the eagles.
    3. That leads into, how did Al McFarland start so many games? I'd like to see his stats for tournament. Did he break even one tackle?
    4. The decision to play a 2nd string side against SA still irks me. But maybe that is unwarranted. I know its a tough decision on you to play, but we can't just roll over...
    5. The 2nd half meltdowns continue, what is going on here? And can Tolkin fix this? Is it the players losing focus?

    Thats my ramble for the day...

    1. I'm shocked we haven't seen him "resign" yet. Here are a couple tough stats to swallow.
      - The US was one of two teams not to get a single point in the RWC. (Uruguay)
      - The US was one of three teams to have a point diff -100pts. (Uruguay -196 & Namibia -104)
      - The US was one of three teams to have 5 or less tries (Uruguay 2 & Georgia 5)

      This starts at the top and unfortunately a great steward of the American Rugby scene for decades is not the guy to take us to the next level. He has had his go and I feel now it is his time to step away.