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Friday, October 23, 2015

Mary Washington To Open New Fields, Host Open House

Mary Washington, also known as Mother's Rugby, has undergone a bit of turmoil over the last year. All of that is behind them now and they are set to turn over a new leaf with the opening of a new facility and an open house this weekend. We caught up with program chief Tim Brown to find out more about this weekend.

TIAR: This weekend sees the program host an open house and open a new facility. How big is this weekend for the program after the turbulence over the last year?

Tim Brown: I'm not going to minimize this weekend in regards to its importance to our program - and our women's rugby program. We want everyone to know that the university values rugby and the good things our programs have brought to the school. I am not in a position to comment about last year except that our whole team has grown and matured - even the guys that graduated are better for the experience.  This is a great weekend to showcase why the University of Mary Washington is a such a great school in so many ways.

TIAR: Can you describe what are your goals of the open house? What will players experience?

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Tim Brown: Our goals are to show players, parents and coaches all that the school, Fredericksburg and the region have to offer.  Forbes and U.S. news and World Report rank UMW as a top 10 school in the region each year - we want everyone to actually see the school and the amazing atmosphere here when we pack the rugby pitch with 2000 plus fans.

TIAR: Can you describe the new facilities?

Tim Brown: We are really excited - the school irrigated the entire area which is immediately apparent by how plush and green the Bermuda grass is. They built a beautiful seating area out of brick which is modeled after some of the Irish community fields we have seen on tour. We have a full field 100m by 70m that is dedicated to only rugby. They removed all the old soil and put down a special mix and then plugged it with Bermuda. There is a practice pitch at the end and the field sits in a bowl so there is natural seating all the way around. We just installed 42 foot tall powder coated "Twickenham"-style goal posts yesterday. I don't believe there is a better playing surface anywhere.

TIAR: How has the community rallied around the team?

Tim Brown: The support is amazing. We have students in internships all over in the medical, marketing, business development and real estate fields because they know they can depend on UMW rugby players.  We have amazing sponsors and the teams are appreciated throughout town - it is amazing how support and positive reinforcement the teams get from everyone in the region. If you can say you played rugby at Mary Washington they know you are a hard worker who is competitive.

TIAR: Do you feel the team has come out stronger over the last year?

Tim Brown: Without a doubt - we have had 8 freshmen starting this year and look forward to continuing to grow. We are having fun and enjoying the game.  The support on campus from professors has been amazing - our new head coach Min Sae Chae has really buckled down and gotten a lot out of the team. We are eager to break the new field in and show what we can do.

If anyone interested would like to talk live, explore scholarship opportunities or talk about playing in Ireland or England while earning college credits they can email Tim at tbrown7@umw.edu.

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