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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

London Irish, Saracens Set To Play In New York

It's long been rumored and today it's been confirmed. The Premiership is taking a match to the U.S. next year as London Irish and Saracens will play at Red Bull Arena on March 12th.

Several months ago reports surfaced that London Irish were trying to play in Boston or New York around St. Patrick's Day and it seems that this match is a result of those efforts. They will be the home team and as a result will give up one match at their home ground.

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Saracens have wanted to play in America for awhile as well, even trying to play a European championship match here as well as the failed attempt from the NRFL to have them play the Crusaders. However, those plans haven't worked out until now.

So far matches not involving the Eagles haven't done well in the United States so this will be a test to see if the U.S. market can support a product like this.  Having Chris Wyles, Titi Lamositele, and Hayden Smith on the Saracens roster can't hurt.


  1. Not a destination match like the all blacks, but still could possible pull a crowd. Unfortunately the premiership is on bein sports, so probable not much exposure stateside. Rugby is desperate need of a broadcast partner on basic cable or broadcast TV. Why not think outside the box and do the CW for instance? At least then there would be some media exposure

  2. Did anyone bother to look at what the weather looks like in early March? This is going to be a tough ticket to sell. It's not even ON St Patricks Day. Baffling.

    1. How many people are going to head to Jersey to celebrate St Patrick's Day? I would think that the Premiership thought that given the proximity to St Patrick's Day, the Irish population in the NYC area, and the fact that the Irish were playing the Saracens on that date and the Sarries having 3 Americans, probably were the reasons for the hows and whys. Let's just hope for a rare 45 degree day with some sun.

    2. So you are suggesting they have the game on a Thursday instead of a Saturday because that is the actual date of St. Patrick's day? Also the Premiership holds games in December and January in England. I dont think they are concerned about it being cold. I also have no idea why this announcement offends you. Why cant we get behind this as a cool thing that is happening in our country?

      I am looking forward to this game and I plan on attending it with some rugby buddies in NYC.

  3. Wednesday.
    This will be on a Wednesday in March.
    Which means that I'll have to take days off from work to get up to New York to see the match.
    It couldn't be on a weekend?

    1. It's on a Saturday. Check your calendar.