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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Expanded Roster Named For Eagles 7s Camp

Some familiar names and new faces will dot the Eagles training camp roster as they get set for the Halloween 7s later in the month. Camp begins on Friday and lasts through the end of the next week leading up to the tournament. Of the players not at the OTC one of the biggest invites is Kevin Swiryn. Since "retiring" from rugby after the 2011 World Cup due to knee injuries Swiryn has made his home in Seattle and has been playing extremely well for the Seattle Saracens at the Serevi All-Stars leading them to several championships. He's feeling healthy enough to take a shot at making the Olympics.

Other invitees to the camp include Colton Cariaga from Life, Alex Faison-Donohoe from Kutztown, Tua Laei from BYU, Peter Malcolm from Wheeling Jesuit, Ben Pinelman from Colorado State, and Joey Sok from Tiger Rugby.

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Danny Barrett, Folau Niua, Zack Test, and Brett Thompson, all of whom played at the World Cup, will be unavailable as they rest up. Plus, the Halloween 7s is for warm-up and development purposes and they are a very known quantity.

The OTC will be well represented again with the likes of Perry Baker, Garrett Bender, Madison Hughes, Carlin Isles, Matai Leuta, and Maka Unufe all available. Martin Iosefo, who recently moved to the OTC, will be there as will Nate Augspurger who is shuffling back and forth from Old Blue to the OTC.

In a U.S.A. Rugby press release head coach Mike Friday said: "This Camp will be similar to the traditional HP Camps as we build towards a tournament," Friday said. "We have been working to date on our physical and technical areas, and this Camp will reintroduce a focus on the tactical parts of the game that we need to get our rhythm in attack and defense.

"However, we are still some six weeks away from leg one of the Series, so the boys will be undercooked and will probably enter the tournament on the back of a highly physical Camp. They may be tired, which is not how we prepare for a normal Series leg."

"We have worked hard on our talent identification these last six to 12 months, driven by Alex Magleby and the quality of players we have come into camp is a testament to that," Friday said. "The great thing is that players have been identified in many different ways, be it through the Olympic Development Academy as well as through the National Championships and the Elite City Sevens.

"We are looking to create more opportunities to allow the players to put themselves in a position to compete, but I am pleased with how all parts of our scouting networks are operating, and hopefully we can build upon this."

In speaking about Swiryn Friday said: "He has always wanted to compete but for various genuine reasons it wasn't possible for him to do so last season," Friday said of the former Eagles Sevens captain. "He has communicated well and has always excelled when we have watched him – not only in his individual performances, but also how he has carried himself within the team and for the team."

OTC: Perry Baker, Garrett Bender, Pat Blair, Nic Edwards, Madison Hughes, Martin Iosefo, Carlin Isles, Matai Leuta, Mike Te'o, Steve Tomasin, Maka Unufe

WCAP: Will Holder, Ben Leatigaga, Mattie Tago

ODA: Nate Augspurger (Northeast Academy), Colton Cariaga (Life), Joey Sok (Tiger Rugby), Kevin Swiryn (ATAVUS)

College/Club: Alex Faison-Donohoe (Kutztown), Seth Halliman (Central Washington), Tua Laei (BYU), Peter Malcolm (Wheeling Jesuit), Ben Pinkelman (Colorado State), ConRoy Smith (NOVA)

Unavailable: Danny Barrett, Folau Niua, Zack Test, Brett Thompson, Andrew Durutalo


  1. Was Duratalo left off your list on accident or is he done with 7s rugby? I thought I remember hearing that he was looking to move on after last year.

    1. Swiryn in his prime a few years ago (and Captain of the 7's) was a fantastic player. I know he is training as an Olympian should for this opportunity. I'd love to see what he can add to this group.

    2. I loved Swiryn when he was originally with the team. Great for him to get another call up. I remember him proposing to his gf after the Vegas tournament one year.

  2. I think they are mixing out on one of the most talented forwards in Penn States Malcolm May.