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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

DI Recap: Lions Win Again, Trio Win In Mid-Atlantic, & More


The Chicago Lions continue to flex their muscle in the Midwest with yet another win. This time it was a 15-11 result over their rivals the Griffins. Each team had a yellow card in the match but in the end it was the foot of JP Eloff that did most of the work with five penalties for the Lions. The Griffins earned a penalty from Josh Allan and a try from James Bache. The win makes it six for six for the Lions and they only train Metropolis on matches played.

Metropolis still lead the Midwest thanks to their latest win over the Cincinnati Wolfhounds. Metropolis went ahead 12-0 on tries from Kavika Peniata and Jojo Tikoisuva. Cincinnati stormed back to take the lead shortly into the second half with efforts from Chris Schottmiller and Ryan Grote. However, another try from Peniata and then a try from Alipate Takiveikata and Tikoisuva capped off the 27-17 win.

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In the other matches in the Midwest Palmer beat Milwaukee 41-29 while Kansas City beat Columbus in a forfeit result.


Schuylkill River, Norfolk, and Rocky Gorge all extended their unbeaten records over the weekend with wins. Both Norfolk and Rocky Gorge had a relatively easy time in their matches while Schuylkill River's match against the Potomac Exiles was closer. The win over the Potomac was a big result for Schuylkill River as Potomac had looked very good last year. William Doherty put Schuylkill River up 7-0 followed by a try from Bruce Dolan. Alex Johnson begged a try back for Potomac before Matt Angelucci put Schuylkill River ahead 19-5. A try from Jason Venterpool would draw things to within a score before Schuylkill River sealed it with a James Rosato try.

Second to Schuylkill River in the standings are the Norfolk Blues. They beat the Baltimore-Chesapeake Brumbies 48-18. Things were even for a half before the Blues pulled away. Rocky Gorge held a steady lead in their match against the Pittsburgh Harlequins winning 38-10.

Pacific North

Only one week remains in the Pacific North fall schedule with only one match remaining. ORSU are in the best position heading into the weekend and stayed the top in the table despite losing to Eastside Tsunami 31-13. The Tsunami are in second place having played one few match. Another team that has played one fewer match is the Valley Kangaroos. For their part the Kangaroos beat the Eastside Axemen 40-21. The Kangaroos play Chuckanut next week to finish out their season.

The division is split between two teams in the Seattle area (Kangaroos are from Renton and the Axemen are from Redmond/Bellevue), the Portland area (OSRU and Tsunami), Bellingham (Chuckanut), and Boise (Snake River). 

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