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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cam Falcon Discusses Time In New Zealand, Future

As we noted yesterday, there are some young players that are going to come into the Eagles picture over the next cycle. One of the players that could make a big impact is Cameron Falcon from Louisiana State. He just returned from a stint at the Taranaki Acadmy and set aside a few minutes to talk with us.

TIAR: How did the opportunity to train with Taranaki come about?

Cameron Falcon: I attended the Collegiate All-American camp this past summer at the Cal Maritime Academy. We were told of a opportunity for a few selected players to get a chance to play some rugby in New Zealand. I had a good camp and was picked to go Taranaki to play for their development team.

TIAR: What was your daily routine like down in New Zealand?

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CF: We woke up every morning for a gym and conditioning session. After gym we were included in the meeting and video sessions with the ITM Cup team. When the video sessions were concluded, the team had training out on the pitch and we also tagged along for these sessions. It was full time, full immersion into the Taranaki team. Besides the sessions with the A team, we also practiced twice a week with the development side. Along with the gym sessions and team trainings, there were individual skill sessions 3 times a week. These sessions concentrated on skills such as footwork, ball carrying, tackling, and pass/catch. I think these skill sessions were one of the most beneficial parts of the time down in New Zealand.

TIAR: How important was it for you and your goals to be in a full-time rugby atmosphere?

CF: I think being in the full time environment is one of the most important factors in taking my game to the next level. The goal is to play rugby at the highest level and being in the full time rugby atmosphere will help me achieve this goal. I have been looking for an opportunity to be in a full time environment and I really enjoyed the opportunity. I will be graduating school in December and committing to rugby full time, so hopefully I will be able to get back into the full time atmosphere and advance my game.

TIAR: Did the opportunity give you confidence you can compete at the next level?

CF: Yes. I was able to see the work that has to be done and the quality of competition that will be seen at the next level. I believe I can handle it. I want the opportunity to get more expose to a high level of rugby and prove that I can compete at that level.

TIAR: After having trained in New Zealand do you think more Americans could benefit from the opportunity

CF: Yes, definitely. I think that to be the best you have to play the best, and the brand of rugby in New Zealand is of a high caliber. The quality of competition was high week in and week out and anyone exposed to this environment would see an improvement in their game.

TIAR: What are your plans for the upcoming season?

CF: As I said before I am graduating undergrad in December and will be focusing on rugby full time. With that I am planning on playing my next season overseas. As of now I am hoping to be playing down in Australia.

TIAR: What's the biggest takeaway from your time with Taranki?

CF: Taranaki is an awesome place. The club was very accepting to us outsiders. The team and coaches treated me like I was one of the boys and were truly concerned with helping us get the most out of our time there. The club is run well and has a high standard they uphold. My biggest takeaway was getting a taste of the full time environment and seeing the work it takes to play at the next level. With this experience I have a blueprint of sorts to fine tune my training and playing to take my game to the next level.

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