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Friday, October 2, 2015

Big Ten Weekend Preview

By Matt Tunney

In the third week of Big Ten match ups, we have four exciting fixtures that will have major implications in the D1A rankings.

First up is Illinois v. Iowa: Both sides are coming off of pretty tough losses from week 2, Iowa to Wisconsin 0-87, and Illinois to Ohio State 10-52. While both sides showed some promising play, they are both young and still improving. Neither are ranked at the moment, but it is great to see the clubs that are in the bottom of the conference showing such promise. This is only going to make the competition in the Big Ten better.

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No. 15 Wisconsin v. Minnesota: This match up may end up pretty lopsided, with Wisconsin’s performance against Iowa and Minnesota’s loss to Michigan State 5-65. Wisconsin is looking to make major noise in the Big Ten as well as nationally.

Purdue v. No. 19 Ohio State: Purdue is coming off a pretty tough beat down from their opener against No. 10 Indiana 0-92. With that Purdue will look to keep improving their play and learn from their mistakes. Ohio State is coming off a strong win against Illinois and has their eyes on winning the Big Ten. With the talent they have they are sure to be a force and will have their eye on Michigan State next weekend.

No. 10 Indiana v. No. 17 Michigan: Now this  a match up that will really showcase the talent the Big Ten will be bringing to national collegiate rugby. Michigan is coming off a very hard fought win against their rival Michigan State 22-14. Their biggest challenge is going to be slowing down the conference points leader, Indiana's Teddy Terezis. Indiana easily took care of Purdue, but  will not have such an easy road ahead of them this weekend. Indiana won the match up last year 19-17, so expect another tight match. This is also a home game for Michigan, so you might want to keep on alert for an upset.

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