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Friday, October 9, 2015

Big Ten Week Four Preview

By Matt Tunney

Week 4 of Big Ten action is taking place tomorrow and there’s a few team with a well deserved week off. With only three fixtures to cover, let’s get right into it.

Michigan v. Minnesota

With their first two matches showing their flaws and the inexperience of their young team, Minnesota has had a pretty rough go of it. They are hoping to make a better result against Michigan which will prove to be just as difficult as their first two.
Michigan will try to prove they are still in the top tier of Big Ten. After a thorough defeat to Indiana they will look to Minnesota to gain another win in the conference. This is a home game for Minnesota so expect a great game from two teams looking to improve.

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No. 9 Indiana v. Iowa

Iowa is coming off a surprising loss to Illinois last week and will look to rebound. That is much easier said than done. Indiana is coming in as a huge favorite after winning both of their matches easily. Expect another win for the talented Indiana side and for Iowa to get a lot of learning experience.

No. 17 Ohio State v. Michigan State

Michigan State is coming off a gut wrenching loss to Michigan last week 22-14. They showed that they are a talented side but only really kept it up for the first half before faltering to the Wolverines. They will have to play a full 80 minutes in order to keep up with one of the favorites in the Big Ten. Ohio State is coming off two huge margins of victory, Michigan State will be their toughest test so far this season. They would be wise to keep their eye on the Spartans this week and not start thinking about their match up with Wisconsin in a few weeks. 

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