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Monday, October 5, 2015

Big Ten Recap

By Matt Tunney

In week 3 of Big Ten action, we had a couple of surprising blowouts that were expected to be much more competitive and one big win for the Illini. We are now getting a clearer picture of who the true contenders are, and we'll be looking forward to the match ups when they come late in the season.

Purdue: 7 
No. 19 Ohio State: 78

Purdue followed up their poor performance against Indiana with another tough loss to the Buckeyes. They will have a well deserved week off before taking on Wisconsin during week 5. For Ohio State, they had another solid outing, proving that they will be one of the teams to beat in this conference. Winger Joseph Eramo had five tries alone for the Buckeyes in the match. They will take on Michigan State in Columbus next weekend.

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No. 15 Wisconsin: 88
Minnesota: 0

Another big win for Wisconsin, outscoring their 87-0 win from week 1 and putting another goose egg on the opposition. Minnesota has struggled this season but is gaining valuable experience for their young team. Wisconsin will take on Purdue in week 5, so be prepared for another lopsided score, we’ll see if they can keep outscoring themselves. Next weekend Minnesota will take on Michigan.

Illinois: 51
Iowa: 10

Illinois comes away with huge win in the Iowa City. After taking on two losses to the two top teams in the conference, Illinois came back with a surprising margin of victory against Iowa. For the Iowa side, after finishing 3rd in last years Big Ten, they have continued to have some growing pains. They will have a much tougher time with their next two matches being against No. 10 Indiana and No. 19 Ohio State. Illinois will have the week off and take on Minnesota in week five.

No. 17 Michigan: 7
No. 10 Indiana: 41

A pretty big statement win for Indiana, cementing themselves as the best team in the Big Ten right now. In what was expected to be a closer game, Indiana’s back line proved to be too good for Michigan’s defense to handle, scoring 5 tries between them. Michigan will be taking on Minnesota next weekend, and Indiana will try to continue their perfect season against Iowa in Bloomington.

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