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Monday, October 12, 2015

Big Ten Recap: Trio Earn Big Wins

By Matt Tunney

Week 4 in the Big Ten has come to a close. All three matches were pretty well decided. While the amount of points put up is pretty impressive, it shows the weaknesses of conference and who the true contenders are.

Michigan: 59
Minnesota: 5

Travelling up to Minnesota was no problem for the Wolverines who put on a display against the Gophers. Michigan is now in 4th place in the Big Ten. Even with this impressive win, they are still behind the front top three teams in terms of being a top tier team in the conference. Minnesota had another disappointing performance. They’ve had three big losses in their three Big Ten games. The Gophers will good shot at having a competitive game against Illinois next weekend.

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No. 9 Indiana: 123
Iowa: 10

Not a whole lot you can say about this one. Indiana completely dominated Iowa. Teddy Terezis had 38 points alone for Indiana. As the playoff picture starts to get clearer, we see that Indiana is the team to beat in the Big Ten. They’ve put up almost 100 more points than second place Ohio State, and although their competition hasn’t been exactly the best, they are showing that they can make noise on the national level. Iowa will take on Ohio State next weekend, while Indiana has the week off.

No. 17 Ohio State: 77
Michigan State: 15

Another dominating performance for Ohio State. This was the one game that had the potential to be fairly competitive this weekend, and Ohio State put that notion to rest. Both teams have next weekend off and Ohio State will then take on Wisconsin on the 24th. This is going to be an exciting match up as those are two of the three strongest teams in the conference. 

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  1. IU will actually be playing Davenport this weekend. Should be an interesting match to get an idea of how the Big Ten's best stacks up to one of the better teams in the country - haven't really been able to get a good idea of IU's true quality with the suspensions the past two years.