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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Big Ten Preview

By Matt Tunney

The Big Ten has four matches this weekend including the biggest one of the year. After some some big blow outs there will be some stiff competition from here on in the conference. Let’s get to the match ups.

Purdue v. Illinois

Both teams have struggled this season, especially Purdue, but Illinois has show some life the past couple of weekends. Expect a very competitive, hard fought match, with Illinios coming out on top.

No. 5 Indiana v. Michigan State

After moving up to number five in the rankings, Indiana is looking to put a lock on the Big Ten and keep climbing the polls nationally. Michigan State has the tough task of slowing down the highest scoring team in the league. If they want a chance to win this game they will have to play near perfect defense and keep their mistakes to a minimum. Indiana just needs to stick to what they do, and that is score a lot of points.

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Michigan v. Iowa

Michigan will likely cruise past the struggling Iowa club this weekend, and with that will hope to get into the top 20.

No. 14 Ohio State v. No. 12 Wisconsin

Now this is a matchup that has been on the radar since the schedules came out. It’s even better now that both of these teams are playing so well and are going to meet each other at this point in the season. This will be a rematch of last year’s championship game which the Badgers won. Both of these teams are stacked with talent across the board and both will be looking to put up big numbers. In a game that will set the landscape for the playoff and championship expect both of these teams to hold nothing back and provide the best match of the season so far. 

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