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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Big Ten Preview

We’re about midway through the Big Ten season and it seems to be shaping into a three team battle for the top of the league. No. 9 Indiana, No. 13 Wisconsin, and No. 15 Ohio State are leading the way and aren’t letting up any time soon. Unfortunately the only time we’ll see these teams clash is when Wisconsin takes on Ohio State on the 24th and then Indiana to close out the season. Indiana and Ohio State are not on each other’s schedule, so we may not see that until the championship match up.

We have shortened Big Ten action again this week with only three games, but Indiana will be playing Davenport on their off week.

Take the jump to read more.Purdue v. No. 13 Wisconsin

Expect a big showing from Wisconsin, they are rolling through the competition this year and looking towards the playoffs. Purdue on the other hand has been struggling mightily this year and will be in for a rough ride this weekend. 

Iowa v. No. 15 Ohio State

Iowa is coming off a big loss to Illinois, so that should tell you how this game is going to end up. Ohio State has an arsenal of talent, and like Wisconsin, is gaining ground in the national rankings.

Illinois v. Minnesota

This will be a match that both teams should be looking forward to. Both sides have struggled against top competition in the Big Ten and both will have the ability to win this game. It shouldn’t be a blow out but look for Illinois to take the win over a young and inexperienced Minnesota side.

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