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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Another Clue In The Eagles Americas Six Nations Campaign

Fans have learned another detail of the Eagles upcoming Americas Six Nations campaign as Chile have confirmed the dates they will be hosting matches and traveling to other countries. The U.S. is one of the teams that will host Chile with that match coming on February 20th. (Hat tip to Paul Tait at Americas Rugby News for first sharing the information.) That now means the fans know two dates the team will be playing with the other being Brazil in Sao Paulo on February 27th.

From what we've been able to learn the U.S. will host three matches. The Chile match on the 20th and then matches against Canada and Argentina at a time to be determined later. Sites in Texas, California, and the South (think the Carolinas, Florida, or Georgia) remain options to host those matches in mid-sized venues.

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With Chile and Brazil releasing their schedules we do know that the U.S. can't host Argentina on March 5th or February 13th and that they can't host Canada on March 6th or February 20th (which the Chile match would preclude anyways). Additionally, it's probably reasonable to assume that with the USA Sevens and Canada Sevens taking place the first two weekends in March that the U.S. and Canada would like to play their matches earlier than that but that might not be the case and it might make sense for them to schedule an away match against Uruguay on March 5th or 6th to combine with their trip to Brazil. That would be their only trip to South America with the rest of the matches coming at home.

Here's the schedule we know so far.

February 6th: Chile vs. Brazil
February 13th: Brazil vs. Uruguay, Argentina vs. Chile
February 20th: Canada vs. Brazil, USA vs. Chile
February 27th: Brazil vs. USA, Chile vs. Uruguay
March 5th and 6th: Brazil vs. Argentina, Chile vs. Canada


  1. Does this signal the end of the Pacific Nations Cup? If so I fail to see the value in playing Brazil, Chile and even Uruguay will raise the level of the game. Was it not glaringly obvious how badly the Eagles need to play above their weight class in order to improve? If this is in addition to the PNC and gives up and comers a start OK. I get it but not at the expense of the PNC.

  2. Without a television contract, this tournament is a waste of time.

    1. Word has it ESPN is very interested.