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Thursday, September 17, 2015

TIAR's World Cup Predictions

Here we go! The waiting is over and the World Cup is here. Over the next month plus we are going to be treated to some great rugby the will culminate with the crowning of a world champion. Here at TIAR we thought we'd have some fun and offer our predictions for the tournament.

Pool A: Australia, England, Wales, Fiji, Uruguay

There is no better place to start our predictions than Pool A where four teams have a legitimate claim to a spot in the quarterfinals. Australia are the favorites in the pool and are playing very well at the moment. We have them going 4-0 in the pool. On the flip side, Uruguay will likely struggle mightily in the pool and will go 0-4. That means only one of England, Wales, and Fiji will advance. England are playing at home and are a fantastic side. However, playing at home can come with a lot of pressure. We expect them to beat Wales meaning, for us, that it comes down to tomorrow's match against Fiji. We think Fiji gives them a game but in the end England wins to claim the second spot in the quarterfinals. That said, we also think Fiji beats Wales to finish third in the pool forcing Wales to qualify for the next World Cup.

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Pool B: South Africa, Scotland, Samoa, Japan, United States

Maybe it's because we cover the Eagles in-depth and have seen Scotland, Samoa, and Japan up close over the last two years but for us this pool is arguably even more of a toss-up than Pool A. The one consensus is that South Africa are going to run away with this pool. Scotland should be the next side but they could slip up against any of Samoa, Japan, and the United States. Even though Scotland have improved over the last year and are playing some of their best rugby in awhile, the fact that the Tier II nations in the pool have had a summer full of warm-up matches helps their cause. Unfortunately for Eagles fans it's probably won't be the United States. We think it's Samoa that takes a quarterfinal spot and edges Japan. We do think that Scotland finishes third.

Pool C: New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Georgia, Namibia

Pool C is also ripe for an upset but we don't think it happens. The All Blacks are going to sale through and Argentina, who have a core group of players that are very hungry (remember their win over South Africa earlier this summer) and we expect a big tournament from them. Tonga look like the third best team followed by Georgia. Namibia will be competitive but will suffer some heavy defeats.

Pool D: France, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Romania

At least one Tier I nation is going to miss out on the quarterfinals and if they aren't careful they could slip up to either Canada or Romania. The favorites are France and Ireland but of those two only Ireland has been convincing recently as back to back Six Nations champions. We think that they top the group and in an upset we think that Italy beat France and their fellow pool opponents Canada and Romania to make the Quarterfinals for the first time. The free fall then continues for France with a loss to Canada for third place in the pool (watch, France will win the World Cup).


According to our predictions the quarterfinal match-ups will be South Africa vs. England, New Zealand vs. Italy, Ireland vs. Argentina, and Australia vs. Samoa. In that case the Springboks-England match is particularly tasty and will send one team home early. Unfortunately for England we think it's  South Africa that wins. We also think that New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia win.


If our predictions hold true that would make the semi-finals South Africa vs. New Zealand and Ireland vs. Australia. In a partial surprise South Africa beat the All Blacks while Australia beats Ireland.


In what should be a classic final South Africa win their third World Cup.


  1. I have quaterfinals being SA beating Aussies, NZ beating France, Ireland beating Argentina, and England beating Scotland.
    Semis would see SA vs NZ and Ireland vs England with NZ and England contesting the final.
    NZ will win an easy final as England choke with home pressure.

  2. Heart says sprigboks. Head says NZ. Maybe we will all be pleasantly surprised by a Tier 2?