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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Newcomers Join Eagles 7s For Latest Camp

The Eagles will be back in camp Wednesday through Sunday and head coach Mike Friday has called in several young players to join the core group already in Chula Vista.  Tua Laei from BYU is a player the coaching staff are excited about. He just came back from his LDS mission and looked good at the Elite City 7s. Ben Pinkelman is no stranger to the Eagles 7s team and he'll be back in camp. Joey Sok from the Tiger Academy and Seth Halliman from AIC will also be in camp.

In speaking about Laei Mike Friday said in a U.S.A. Rugby press release, “[Tua] excited me as a player with ball in hand and fast feet,” Friday said of the 22-year-old. “It is clear he has rugby ability and x-factor. I want to see him up close and personal to see whether he has the character, work ethic, and commitment to want to succeed and make the most of his talent. I have heard good things about him as a player and as a man.”

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As for former Davenport player Sok, “[Joey] caught my eye as a player who could play and clearly had tempo in his game,” Friday said again in the press release. “Paul (Holmes) has recently given him an opportunity to train out of the Academy and is another clear example of Paul working with us to identify and nurture potential athletes.”

Regulars in the squad include the likes of Madison Hughes, Carlin Isles, Maka Unufe, Perry Baker, Nate Augspurger, Garrett Bender, and others. WCAP members Mattie Tago and Will Holder will also be in camp. Matai Leuta is still at the OTC but dealing with injury.

Many of these players could be involved for the USA Falcons as they play at the Halloween 7s next month.

OTC: Perry Baker, Garrett Bender, Pat Blair, Nic Edwards, Madison Hughes, Carlin Isles, Steve Tomasin, Maka Unufe

ODA: Nate Augspurger (Northeast Academy), Joey Sok (Tiger Academy)

WCAP: Will Holder, Ben Leatigaga, Mattie Tago

College: Martin Iosefo (Montana), Seth Halliman (AIC), Tua Laei (BYU), Ben Pinkelman (Colorado State)

Unavailable: Pete Malcolm, Jope Motokana, ConRoy Smith, Matai Leuta


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    1. He's on the list under "College."

    2. ah - i got worried they had dropped him. Thx Curtis

  2. Where is Ahmad Harajly? Or is the unavailable list incomplete?