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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Midwest, Red River Crossover Competition In The Works

With the introduction on the Pacific Rugby Premiership and the American Rugby Premiership teams on the East and West Coast have an an additional option to get high level matches. The PRP provides teams with 12 matches a year while the ARP gives those teams eight matches in addition to DI play. Because those competitions offer more games and a chance to generally play tougher competition week in and week out it makes sense that players have come calling. Sometimes that has meant players from the Midwest and Red River leaving for another club. All that could be changing if a crossover competition between the Midwest and Red River comes to fruition.

TIAR understands that discussions are well advanced for a competition that will see the Kansas City Blues and Metropolis from the Midwest take on the Austin Blacks and the Dallas Reds from the Red River in a two leg competition in both the fall and the spring. The plan is to have the Red River teams travel to the Midwest in November for matches on Friday and Sunday with the reverse happening in March.

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If the competition comes to fruition, and it's likely that it does, it will give all the teams involved at least four high-level matches that they would not normally have had. For teams the champion of the Midwest, which has been both the Blues and Metropolis recently, that means in theory they will have had 20 competitive matches before Nationals. That would be outstanding for the club and would give the players a option of staying at home and getting solid matches.

Teams outside of the four listed above will probably be a little irked to miss out but it stands to reason that if they can work their way into the top two of their respective conferences like the Blues, Metropolis, the Austin Blacks, and the Dallas Reds have, then they would also be included in the competition.

We'll have more when details become available so stay tuned.


  1. Replies
    1. Not quite. Austin Blacks schedule has it listed as USA Club Gold Cup, which was a competition proposed to be played over the course of a few months between the top eight clubs in USAR from 2014-2015. The purpose is to encourage stronger club structure by giving top level clubs something to play and to organize for beyond the current season and to do so without causing planning problems that are inherent with end of season playoffs being just a couple of weeks apart. The Gold Cup (or whatever it will be called) is meant to be played on set weekends over the course of months to allow teams time to plan and fund-raise adequately.

      This is more like the initial portion of that competition.