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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Scotland


The match can be viewed on Universal Sports. Our match preview can be found here.

U.S. Line-up

Forwards: Eric Fry, Phil Thiel, Titi Lamositele, Hayden Smith, Greg Peterson, Al McFarland, Andrew Durutalo, Samu Manoa

Backs: Mike Petri, AJ MacGinty, Blaine Scully, Thretton Palamo, Seamus Kelly, Taku Ngwenya, Chris Wyles

Bench: Zach Fenoglio, Ollie Kilifi, Chris Baumann, Cam Dolan, John Quill, Danny Barrett, Shalom Suniula, Folau Niua

Scotland Line-up

Forwards: Ryan Grant, Fraser Brown, Jon Welsh, Richie Gray, Grant Gilchrist, Alasdair Strokosch, John Hardie, Josh Strauss

Backs: Henry Pyrgos, Finn Russell, Tim Visser, Peter Horne, Mark Bennett, Sean Maitland, Stuart Hogg

Bench: Ross Ford, Alasdair Dickinson, Willem Nel, Tim Swinson, Ryan Wilson, Greig Laidlaw, Duncan Weir, Matt Scott

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Pre-game: As we mentioned in our preview, the ingredients are there for an upset win for the Eagles. However, Scotland are still favored and will have real bite to them.
Pre-game: The PPV stream seems to be working well for people.
Pre-game: Teams are out on the pitch and the at hems are up!
1: And we're underway!
2: The Scotland prop is hit for offside and MacGinty will have a long shot at goal. The kick is straight on through and the Eagles are up 3-0 after just two minutes.
4: Scotland had a lineout in a great position but are called for obstruction. Eagles clear but their line out is not straight.
5: The first scrum and it's not a good one from the Eagles as it collapses almost immediately. Scotland will have a long shot. Stuart Hogg's kick is good. 3-3 after six.
8: The line out is off again and Scotland will scrum again.
9: The second scrum is much better for the Eagles and they create a turnover but it's knocked on. And now Scotland push early. Eagles will clear.
11: Scotland are hurting themselves with penalties early. Eagles with an attacking line out. Thiel overcompensates but it's knocked on by the Eagles anyway.
13: Fourth line out and fourth mistake for the Eagles as it's overthrown.
15: U.S. called for being off their feet and Scotland will have an easy shot. Scotland heavy on attack after the muffed line out. Russell's penalty is good. 6-3 to Scotland.
18: Another offside penalty on the Eagles and Hogg will kick from near midfield. The kick is no good. Eagles catch a break.
21: Try Eagles!!! Titi Lamositele with the try. For the first time their line out works and they go on attack immediately. Strong runs from Manoa and Thiel put them close and Lamositele crashes over. Great score. The conversion is good and the Eagles lead 10-6.
22: Prior to the try the U.S. haven't had much possession but they made it count when they had it.
25: Big break from Seamus Kelly but it's lost and Scotland are out on attack.
26: Scotland are nearly away with a run from Hogg but the final pass isn't handle. Another break for the Eagles.
29: Eagles with a series of phases at midfield but it's a forward pass.
33: Scully called for being in front of the kicker. Scotland will have another kick at goal. Russell's kick is no good. Scotland could be in front with two made kicks. Still 10-6.
34: Ngwenya with a mister hit on Hogg and the Eagles are off.
37: Scotland backs are very dangerous but they haven't connected so far. Just a couple of minutes left in the half.
40: U.S. with a lot of pressure and are inches from the line. 20 phases and they gain a penalty. They will have an easy shot at goal. The penalty is good and the Eagles lead 13-6 at halftime.
Halftime: Scotland have been dangerous but wasteful. Not perfect from the U.S. either but much more efficient. Not much possession for the Eagles. The scrum has been good but the line out not so much.
40: And we're underway. Scotland change out both of their props. No changes for the Eagles.
41: Try Scotland! It's Tim Visser. A great start from Scotland thanks to much better passing. Russell's conversion is no good. Eagles lead 13-11 but danger signs are there.
45: Helter skelter play at the moment. Kelly called for tackling someone without the ball otherwise Scully was away.
47: Scotland now take the lead as Sean Maitland crosses over. They simply put the pressure on and found the gap in the defense. The U.S. is kicking away too much and giving Scotland too much time. Conversion good. 18-13 to Scotland.
49: Danny Barrett coming on for Greg Peterson. Manoa will slide to lock. Suniula on for Petri.
50: Strauss called for playing the ball off his feet. MacGinty will have a shot at goal. It's good. Scotland 18-15 Eagles.
52: Suniula's kick is charged down and Scotland are nearly away. The U.S. are deemed to have touched it last into touch.
53: Try Scotland! WP Nel. Simply too much pressure from the Scotland forwards for the Eagles. The conversion is good. Scotland 25-16 Eagles.
55: Referee gets in the way of a pass and as a result the U.S. knock it on. Too bad, they were in a good position.
57: Cam Dolan on for Smith.
59: Fry penalized at the breakdown and Scotland will go for the line out.
61: Scotland with heaps of pressure once again but they turn it over. Credit to the U.S. defense for holding firm. Fenoglio on for Thiel. Quill on for Durutalo.
65: Try Scotland! Matt Scott. Once again it's pressure from the forwards off a line out. U.S. not helping with penalties. Laidlaw's conversion is good. 32-16.
68: Kilifi is on for Fry. Baumann on for Lamositele. Lou Stanfill also on for Smith.
70: First bit of good possession for the Eagles in the second half. They try the maul but it's a turnover.
73: More pressure once again from the Eagles but another knock-on. Kelly had a great break.
74: Feels like the moment has passed for the Eagles to get a try in the second half. Roughly five minutes left.
79: Try Scotland! Duncan Weir with the cap of the effort for Scotland. Disappointing second half from the Eagles. The conversion is good. Scotland 39-16 Eagles.
80: That's the final. Coulda, woulda, shoulda for the Eagles. They now face a short turnaround against South Africa.

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