Thursday, September 10, 2015

ARP Begins Year Two This Weekend

The American Rugby Premiership is back for year two and it begins this weekend with the Remembrance Cup between NYAC and Boston. Despite offseason mumurings the competition will remain with the same five teams it had last year--Life, NYAC, Old Blue, Boston, and the Boston Irish Wolfhounds--and will keep the same eight match fall and spring seasons with home and away matches for each side.

However, there will be some changes this season. Like last year the four Northeast teams will be playing a DI schedule. That meant that they were going to play both White Plains and Mystic River but White Plains withdrew leaving Mystic River as the only non-ARP team playing in the DI division. In essence, that makes Mystic River a de facto ARP side because they play everyone but Life.

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It was also rumored that the Ontario Blues might be joining the competition. That is not going to happen this year but they will continue to play several ARP sides throughout the year like Old Blue, Mystic River, and others.

As mentioned, the schedule opens this weekend with NYAC against Boston. It then continues on the 19th when Old Blue takes on the Wolfhounds. Life finally gets involved on October 3rd when they play Old Blue. The defending champions Life will play two matches over one weekend in November when they face Boston and the Wolfhounds. That way they save one trip in the spring. There is only one weekend in the fall where four teams are in ARP play in the same season but in the spring there are only two weekend when there aren't two matches in a weekend.

Life also have a busy non-ARP season when they play the South All-Stars on November 14th, the Stars (in their 15s debut) on November 22nd, and New Orleans on March 19th. It's also expected that other teams will face New Orleans or Metropolis.

September 12th: NYAC vs. Boston
September 19th: Old Blue vs. Wolfhounds
October 3rd: Life vs. Old Blue
October 17th: Boston vs. Old Blue
October 24th: Wolfhounds vs. Boston
October 31st: Life vs. NYAC
November 7th: Life vs. Boston, NYAC vs. Old Blue
November 8th: Life vs. Wolfhounds

March 19th: Boston vs. NYAC, Wolfhounds vs. Old Blue
April 2nd: NYAC vs. Wolfhounds
April 9th: Life vs. Boston, Old Blue vs. NYAC
April 16th: Life vs. NYAC, Old Blue vs. Boston
April 23rd: Life vs. Wolfhounds
April 30th: Life vs. Old Blue, Boston vs. Wolfhounds

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