Thursday, May 14, 2015

DII & DIII Playoff Bracket Update

The DII and DIII playoffs are in full swing as teams get narrowed down to the quarterfinals on May 30th. Here's an update from around the country.

Men's DII

Pacific North: Out West the Life West Gladiators have booked their trip to Treasure Island. Life West first bested the Sacramento Capitals to settle the winner of the NorCal division and then beat the Pacific Northwest champs Snake River 29-3 to claim the Pacific North title. They will play the winner of the Frontier conference.

Frontier: Four teams are still alive in the Frontier Conference. Park City Haggis were the top team in the Rocky Mountain Division and will face the Kansas City Islanders, the second best team from the Mid-America division, in the Frontier semi-finals. The other semi-final will have Mid-America winners the St. Louis Bombers against the number two team from the Rocky Mountain Division the Glendale Raptors. The Raptors had to beat the Denver Harlequins and the Provo Steelers in the Rocky Mountain playoffs to even get to the Frontier playoffs.

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Pacific South: The Tempe Old Devils, last year's runners-up, will have another chance to redeem themselves after emerging as the champion from the Pacific South. They first beat the Red Mountain Warthogs 24-12 to make it out of Arizona. They next faced the Back Bay Sharks, the winners of SoCal after beating San Fernando 24-21, and came away 34-7 winners. They will play the winner of the Red River Conference.

Red River: Like the Frontier, the Red River is down to four teams. The Austin Blacks and the Dallas Reds will look to join their DI brethren in San Francisco. However, first Austin will have to get past Houston United and Dallas will have to beat Little Rock. The winners of those matches will square off to see who goes to the national quarterfinals.

Midwest: The Midwest champion will either be Wisconsin or the Detroit Tradesmen. Wisconsin beat Lincoln Park 24-19 in the Midwest semi-finals while the Tradesmen beat the Cleveland Eastern Suburbs 54-18. Wisconsin and Detroit will play this weekend in Chicago.

Atlantic North: Whoever advances out of the Midwest will play either the Mystic Barbarians or New York Rugby. Both are still alive in the Atlantic North.

South: The South also has yet to determine a winner but will do so after their semi-finals and final. Charlotte were the top team in the Carolinas and will face Atlanta Old White for a spot in the South final. The other semi-final features Chattanooga against the Orlando Griffins.

Mid-Atlantic: Defending DII champions Rocky Gorge are headed to Pittsburgh. They beat rivals Wilmington 34-22 to advance out of the Mid-Atlantic.

Men's DIII

Pacific North: Colusa County were the winners in NorCal and beat the Pacific Northwest champs Salem Spartans 29-19 to make it to Treasure Island.

Frontier: The Frontier has four teams remaining. The Wichita Barbarians will play the Kansas City Blues D3 side while the St. Louis Royals will play the Queen City Rams. The winners of those matches will face off to see who plays Colusa County.

Pacific South: The Orange County Ravens are the Pacific South winners. They beat Arizona/New Mexico winners Northern Arizona Landsharks 26-7.

Red River: Dallas Athletic will play San Antonio in one semi-final while the San Marcos Greys will play the Euless Texans in the other Red River semi-final. The winners will play each other to make it to San Francisco and play Orange County.

Midwest: In the Midwest it will be the Bremer County Bucks against the Tri City Barbarians for the title.

Atlantic North: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Danbury Mad Hatters are the two teams left in the Atlantic North. Whoever wins this match will play the Midwest winner.

South: Four teams are left in the South. The Clinch River Crusaders will play the Savannah Shamrocks in one semi-final and the Gainesville Hogs will play Cape Fear in the other.

Mid-Atlantic: Old Gaelic are the Mid-Atlantic winners and will play the South winner.

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