Thursday, February 12, 2015

LVI: Day One Men's Elite & CRC Qualifier Scores

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Men's Elite

Pool A: USA Falcons, Selects 1, Laie Lions, Cayman Islands

Falcons 33-0 Laie Lions
Selects 41-5 Cayman Islands
Falcons 35-10 Cayman Islands
Selects 33-15 Laie Lions
Falcons 35-10 Selects
Laie Lions 12-14 Cayman Islands

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Pool B: Maple Leafs, All-Armed Forces, Mana Utah Select, Florida Select

Maple Leafs 14-0 Mana Utah Select
All-Armed Forces 31-14 Florida Select
Maple Leafs 29-5 Florida Select
All-Armed Forces 17-24 Mana Utah Select
Maple Leafs 26-19 All-Armed Forces
Mana Utah Selects 12-40 Florida Select

Pool C: Ronin 7s, Northeast ODA, Arizona ODA, Kansas City Blues

Northeast ODA 28-10 Kansas City Blues
Ronin 7s 5-12 Arizona ODA
Northeast ODA 38-5 Arizona ODA
Ronin 7s 12-33 Kansas City Blues
Ronin 7s 7-36 Northeast ODA
Arizona ODA 26-12 Kansas City Blues

Pool D: Atlantis, Lionheart 7s, 7th Airborne, Germany

Atlantis 7-24 7th Airborne
Lionheart 14-19 Germany
Atlantis 10-27 Germany
Lionheart 19-14 7th Airborne
Atlantis 29-21 Lionheart
7th Airborne 0-31 Germany

Pool E: Serevi Selects, Air Force, Atlanta Old White, Mexico

Serevi Select 36-7 Atlanta Old White
Air Force 14-7 Mexico
Serevi Selects 40-0 Mexico
Air Force 24-21 Atlanta Old White
Serevi Selects 24-10 Air Force
Atlanta Old White 5-12 Mexico

Pool F: France Development, Stars, Austin Blacks, Selects 2

France 39-7 Austin Blacks
Stars 7-33 Selects 2
France 19-21 Selects 2
Stars 33-19 Austin Blacks
France 38-21 Stars
Selects 2 26-7 Austin Blacks

CRC Qualifier

Pool A: Saint Joseph's, James Madison, Creighton, Lewis & Clark

St. Joe's 14-0 Creighton
James Madison 56-0 Lewis & Clark
St. Joe's 46-0 Lewis & Clark
James Madison 14-0 Creighton
St. Joe's 24-7 James Madison
Creighton 0-14 Lewis & Clark

Pool B: Kutztown, Miami (OH), Columbia, Buffalo

Kutztown 26-0 Columbia
Miami 10-19 Buffalo
Kutztown 33-5 Buffalo
Miami 36-0 Columbia
Kutztown 19-12 Miami
Columbia 14-33 Buffalo

Pool C: Air Force, Georgetown, Dartmouth, Pittsburgh

Air Force 29-15 Dartmouth
Georgetown 17-12 Pittsburgh
Air Force 33-7 Pittsburgh
Georgetown 0-50 Dartmouth
Air Force 24-5 Georgetown
Dartmouth 7-36 Pittsburgh

Pool D: Lindenwood, Bowling Green, Notre Dame College, Oklahoma

Lindenwood 10-10 Notre Dame College
Bowling Green 43-0 Oklahoma
Lindenwood 38-5 Oklahoma
Bowling Green 19-21 Notre Dame College
Lindenwood 31-0 Bowling Green
Notre Dame College 26-5 Oklahoma

Pool E: Utah, AIC, Point Loma Nazarene, Wheeling Jesuit

Utah 48-5 Point Loma Nazarene
AIC 32-7 Wheeling Jesuit
Utah 31-0 Wheeling Jesuit
AIC 36-0 Point Loma Nazarene
Utah 19-22 AIC
Point Loma Nazarene 0-33 Wheeling Jesuit

Pool F: Arkansas State, Stony Brook, Notre Dame University, Wittenberg

Arkansas State 36-5 Notre Dame
Stony Brook 17-0 Wittenburg
Arkansas State 29-5 Wittenburg
Stony Brook 24-26 Notre Dame
Arkansas State 38-0 Stony Brook
Notre Dame 22-10 Wittenburg

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