Thursday, January 8, 2015

Youth Player Of The Year: Ben Pinkelman

Ben Pinkelman has been a busy guy. In 2014 he played on four different teams: Colorado State, the Denver Barbarians, the Junior All-Americans, and the Eagles Select XV and succeeded with all of them. He's also been in the Eagles 7s and Eagles camp picture. You would think that the combination of being a young player and bouncing from team to team would have it's impact but every time Pinkelman has been given a new challenge he's stepped up. With the Junior All-Americans he ended up being one of their most consistent performers as they nearly earned promotion. For the Denver 7s team he was a key part of their long drive in the National Club 7s. Finally for the Eagles Select XV he became a key contributor during the Americas Rugby Championship.

Pinkelman is still young but there is a bright future ahead if he can keep the balance between school and rugby and continue to add to his frame. He's not the bulkiest kid yet but given time he can become a force at the flanker position. The Eagles are deep at that position but it speaks volumes that he has been able to put himself in the conversation at a young age. After the World Cup when some players move on from the Eagles it will be Pinkelman's time to step up.

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