Monday, January 5, 2015

Women's College Team Of The Year: Penn State

The juggernaut that is the Penn State women's rugby team had another fantastic year in 2014. It's not often that a team can be double champions but that is exactly what they did winning the DI title back in the spring and then winning the DI fall title under the new women's college playoff structure. It's not that Nittany Lions just beat their opponents, it's that they dominated them. In the DI final they beat a very strong Stanford team 38-0 and then in the fall blanked their closest rivals Norwich 42-5. The two teams had played a closer match in the fall but that match and the two finals were some of their closest results all season.

Much of the credit for Penn State's success goes to head coach Pete Steinberg and his coaching staff that includes Eagles Kate Daley who is filling in for Steinberg in the fall during his sabbatical. The coaching staff has made Penn State the place to go for women's rugby. This year the team produced both Hope Rogers and Meya Bizer for the Eagles World Cup squad with even more players are in the pipeline. It will be up to those players to produce as phenomenal of a year as 2014 in the future.

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