Friday, January 23, 2015

Todd Clever Confirmed To Join OMBAC

Todd Clever is headed back to America and TIAR has been able to confirm that he will join OMBAC for their Pacific Rugby Premiership season as has been speculated. Brian Doyle is also joining OMBAC from NYAC. Clever won't arrive in time for OMBAC's season opener against Glendale next week but will join sometime soon after that. Doyle is already with the club. The move is extremely logical for Clever and for OMBAC. Clever has been known to be leaving Japan for awhile and has a home in San Diego. He has previous ties to the club and his brother, Chris, is a fixture for OMBAC.

Importantly for OMBAC and the PRP Clever's arrival bolsters the team both on and off the field. OMBAC were the surprise team last year finishing in third place.  Zach Pangelinan put in an MVP season and accounted for over half of OMBAC's scoring. Clever will give the team and added punch and get help put in more tries. Off the field both OMBAC and the PRP now have a player with international recognition and the captain of the Eagles. The league is coming off a better than expected first season and adding Clever will only help gain more attention.


  1. Great news for OMBAC and the PRP. I wish he could continue his professional career over seas but I will love to watch him play here in the States. Welcome back Captain.

  2. Registered with OMBAC -