Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Seamus Kelly Joins SFGG

The Pacific Rugby Premiership has added another big name as Seamus Kelly has been confirmed to be joining San Francisco Golden Gate. Kelly spent the fall playing for his hometown side NYAC but like fellow NYAC player Brian Doyle moved out west to get more games ahead of the World Cup. Kelly of course has plenty of ties to the Bay Area having spent his college career at Cal.

"We are delighted Seamus has decided to join SFGG," said SFGG coach Mark Giacheri. "The experience, professionalism and high standards he brings as a player and person is valuable for our club. We look forward to assisting Seamus with his development and pursuit for higher honors in representing the USA Eagles at International level and the World Cup."

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Kelly's addition SFGG and the PRP adds yet another Eagle and Eagle hopeful making the move to the competition ahead of the World. Doyle and Todd Clever joined OMBAC while Nick Wallace and Ben Tarr have joined Glendale. Whether or not you are a proponent of the PRP or not there is no question that it is having an effect at luring players. They play the longest season in domestic rugby against a consistent level of high competition and that is a draw to players.

In addition to playing for NYAC in the fall Kelly also had a training stint at Gloucester where he played in a couple of 'A' League matches. He also played with the Eagles throughout the fall. His move to SFGG will allow him to be available for domestic camps as the Eagles prepare for the World Cup.

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