Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Women's College Player of the Year: Meya Bizer

At only 21 Meya Bizer has several college championships to her name, including two this year, has a baker's dozen caps for the Eagles, has played in the World Cup, play on the Women's Sevens Series, and featured on ESPN. With accomplishments like that Bizer was an easy choice for our Women's College Player of the year.

Penn State had the rare opportunity to win two championships this year. They won the DI championship last spring in dominating fashion and then won the fall championship this year over Norwich, their biggest competitive rival. Penn State probably would have won both matches without her but they certainly wouldn't have dominated. That's a testament to how much Bizer is dominating the women's college game at the moment. She has all of the fine skills to be a top player and she can hit...hard. She's everything you'd want in a player and has to opportunity to become possibly not only the greatest Eagle off all time but one of the best players in the world.

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