Monday, December 8, 2014

Introducing "The Breakdown" Instructional Videos By Serevi Rugby

Serevi Rugby and This Is American Rugby have partnered to present The Breakdown – an ongoing series of short, instructional videos from the coaches at Serevi to help rugby players and coaches of all ages, skill, and experiences to improve their game. The Breakdown will feature both on field, skill-based drills led by deeply experienced Serevi coaches including Ben Gollings, Waisale Serevi, and Justin Fitzpatrick, as well as strength and conditioning exercises from Serevi’s High Performance Director Chris Tombs. 

Based on decades of experience on rugby pitches and weight rooms around the world, these rugby professionals will share tips, tricks, and techniques with TIAR readers each month. 

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“If you want to be your best, learning and improving your game never stops in rugby, so we wanted to share some of the best drills and skills from across the Serevi Pathway with TIAR readers,” said Ben Gollings, Serevi coach and the all-time points scorer in international sevens rugby. “We use these same trainings tips with everyone from national team players, to collegiate athletes, to young boys and girls – so any coach or player can use them to build their core rugby skills.”

“We’ll be sharing specific, but straightforward exercises that athletes of all abilities can perform on their own at a gym or at home with minimal equipment to improve their overall strength, agility, and explosiveness,” said Chris Tombs, Serevi’s High Performance Director and former Cardiff Blues and Leicester Tigers strength and conditioning coach. “At Serevi, we believe that success on the field starts with hard work in the gym, so we want all players to have access to the types of exercises that can push player development to new levels.” 

Episodes of The Breakdown will be featured on TIAR each month and archived on the Serevi YouTube Channel. Ideas or topics for future episodes are welcome and should be sent to

In Episode 1, Serevi's High Performance Director Chris Tombs explains two medicine ball exercises which will increase explosiveness and on field performance for rugby players of all ages and experience levels.

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