Tuesday, December 23, 2014

HSAA Holiday Camp Roster, U-20s Camp Cancelled

The High School All-Americans are set to assemble in the upcoming week with well over 100 players set to attend. Tehre are several recognizable names among the group, including Sim Mander from London Wasps, Sione Bloomfield from Utah, and Sean Dowling from Virginia. There are many players that were at the camp last year.

The U-20s were originally scheduled to hold a camp at the same time but that camp has been cancelled due to budgetary concerns. The feeling around the team that time would be better spent in the lead-up to their qualifying series against Canada. Additionally they return many players from last year and don't need as long of a selection process.

Take the jump to see the HSAA camp roster.

Tight Five: Ian Abbott, David Ainuu, Charlie Baggett, Jeremy Bartels, Chase Bixby, Sione Bloomfield, Steven Branham, Finlay Bruce, Stachel Carnine, Brett DeGrave, Xavier Doering, Patrick Donovan, Sean Dowling, Owen Duvall, Beau Falco, Benny Gonda, Zach Heisterkamp, Carter Huchik, Jack Iscaro, Liam Jimmons, Parker Kelly, Kalisi Moli, Max Nail, Ian Pearson, Joshua Schnell, Jaidan Schultz, David Shotwell, Charlie Smith, Albert Toa, Nathan Watts, Chance Wenglewski

Back Row: Malon Al-jiboori, Ben Beatty, Bobby Butchofsky, Ian Crilly, Brendan Cunningham, Kyle Edington, George Fotu, Joey Freeman, Jack Freiheit, Cormac Heaney, Antonio Jablonski, Amanaki Lavaka, Sosefo Jonah Mailangi-Ray, Evan McTaggart, Jack Miller, Nic Mirhashem, Brian Nault, Kevin O'Hara, Alex Rayton, Teague Roberts, Kyle Saalfeld, Chase Schor-Haskin, Bronson Teles, Joshua Warnock, John Wiegold, Jack White, Tyler Worthing

Back: Keanu Andrade, Keagan Barnes, Luke Bienstock, David Bortins, Ryan Bradfield, Will Brennan, Dante Cappellano, Ivan Agustin Centurion, Evan Clark, Alfonso Cornu-Labat, Erik Cortinas, Brendon Curle, Taylor Damron, Ruben De Haas, Lucas Donovan, Christian Dyer, Elvis Espinal, Jacob Estes, Jeremy Fleet, Anthony Goni, Drake Goranson, Anton Grigoriou, Brian Dannon, Travis Heer, Even Holm, Tristan Ingold, Ryan James, Dylan Johnston, Mikaele Kruse, Adam Leonard, Devin Lim, Taylor Litson, Kevin Loney, Isaiah Lutali, Patrick Madden, Kyle Makaiwi, Sim Mander, Gabriel Massey, Aaron Matthews, Eamonn Matthews, Michael McTiernan, Patrick McTiernan, Patrick Medina, Korbin Miller, Seth Mishler, Olan Moon-White, Soh Nakayama, Dmontae Noble, Darian Power, Kelsin Pupunu, Torran Raby, Cory Ratka, Zal Zeb Roberson, Matthew Rogers, Patrick Sheehy, Ryan Shogan, Nathaniel Short, Casey Smith, Austin Taefu, Noah Thompson, Tomasi Tonga, Luis Tubryfield, Cedric Vakalahi, Will Vakalahi, Ben Webber, Cale Williams, Noah Wright

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