Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Perry Baker Reflects On Eagles Debut

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Perry Baker put the IRB Sevens Series on notice over the weekend as he electrified the crowd on his way to six tries at the Gold Coast 7s. His pace and effort were the talk of the tournament and for good reason. We caught up with Baker (who is on Twitter @SpeedStick11) after the tournament to get his thoughts on his debut.

TIAR: Did you imagine before the tournament that you would go out and score six tries?

Perry Baker: Well I never really worried about how many tries I would get. I just visualized  myself making plays running the ball and playing defense. Believing in self and team.

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TIAR: With it being your first experience on the Series did you get more comfortable as the tournament went along?

PB: I did get more comfortable as the tournament went on. I begin to relax with the help of my coaches and teammates. I was just having fun and enjoyed being with my brothers.

TIAR: What was the key to the Eagles success over the weekend?

PB: The key to our success was buying into the system and trusting each other. We just didn't want to let each other down.

TIAR: You can score tries but you also made some good defensive plays. Was that something you were focusing on?

PB: Yes, defense was a huge focus for me. We focus hard on 1 on 1 tackling and I was thinking about the guys on the field with me and on the sidelines.

TIAR: How are you dealing with all the new attention?

PB: I'm just grateful and so blessed for the opportunity. I still have to focus on the task at hand and what's being asked of me. All praise to the God.

TIAR: Lastly, what's next for the team in terms of preparing for Dubai?

PB: Ironing out the small things that we need to fix and being consistent in those small things.

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  1. Did anyone get the vibe that Carlin Isles was none to happy about being benched for Baker? A friendly rivalry with these to could only mean good things for the Eagles 7s team.