Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Latu Returns From Australia, Metropolis Excelling

Patrick Latu
Prop Patrick Latu made his way to Canberra earlier this year to play with Easts, a major club in the region, and after soaking up knowledge has now returned to Metropolis. During his time in Australia Latu was on the same team is several members of the Brumbies and the Canberra NRC side. If they weren't on his team was playing them regularly. According to Metropolis coach Nate Osborne that stint in Australia has done Latu well. "He came back fitter and focused on what he needs to do and it's showing in his training and games." That's exactly what Latu needed to do in order to put himself back in contention for a spot on the Eagles.

Latu also returns to a Metropolis side that is undefeated so far on the season. With newcomers like Ryan Gilligan, Pate Takiveikata, and Anthony Munoz playing alongside captain Wade McInroy,  and veterans Charlie Baleirara and Richie Wood the club has played tough matches but emerged with a win every time.

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"I think the main thing is the core of the team has been here for 4 plus years," said Osborne of the team's success. "We have a great system and everyone know exactly what they need to do to make the team successful. We train hard and bigger then anything we are all great mates off the pitch. We hang out together, go to church together, and just enjoy being a team."

Last year the team similarly went on a hot streak before falling to Life in the playoffs. "We took a lead in to half time in that final 4 game and in the end ran out of juice. Life is one hell of a team, the best I've played in the USA in the 8 years I've been here." This year Osborne thinks that his team has the strengths to go even further in the playoffs.

One reason the team may go far is the improved play of the Midwest. When asked about the competition Osborne responded "I think it's going great guns!! All the teams are getting better and better. There has been a lot of close games. I would put it up there in the top 3 leagues in the country!"

As for what lies ahead Osborne said that the team talked about joining the ARP but that "in the end it just wasn't the right time for us. We did talk about it and in the end it just wasn't the right time for us. We would love another chance down the road to join them as I think it's a great comp and idea. We have a good relationship with them and we are trying to get some games played against them at some point in the near future."

Up next for Metropolis is a match against Columbus at home. 

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