Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rugby Book Club Review: Tales Of The Unknown Rugger

It's time to review our summer book club selection: "Tales of the Unknown Rugger." Hopefully most of you have had a chance to grab a copy and to read it. If you have, please make sure to write your own review in the comments.

"Tales of the Unknown Rugger" is the autobiography of Liam Dunseath, who grew up in the UK but spent significant time in the U.S. playing with various teams. In many ways Dunseath's story is unique but also shares a lot of similarities with others journey's in rugby. Originally coming over to the U.S. during a short break in school to work at various small jobs while enjoying life Dunseath found his way from New York to Florida where he latched on to the Daytona Rugby Club.

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The book spends a lot of time with Dunseath at Daytona. It's the most compelling part of the book and is a great snapshot of what it's like to play for a club in an area that's not flooded with rugby clubs. That's often the case with a lot of clubs in America. Also gaining the perspective of an outside and their first impressions with rugby in American is incredibly interesting.

The book isn't perfect. Dunseath sometimes comes across as smug and often portrays himself as the victim. That's not to say he hasn't been wronged in certain situations but when it happens repeatedly there has to be some introspection. While those attributes show through it also adds layers to Dunseath as a character. The book would be boring if it were just recollections of Dunseath's career. Instead, by weaving in his personality in the book it makes him more dynamic to follow.

Overall we enjoyed the book. It offered unique insights on the game in America and it is a relatable tale for all rugby players. The book can be purchased here.

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