Friday, July 25, 2014

Owsiany Talks Eagles World Cup Preparations

The Women Eagles have a deserved day off after putting in a lot of work at their training base in France. With the World Cup kicking off next week we reached out to Deven Owsiany to see how the team's preparations have gone so far, the mood in camp, and their expectations at the tournament.

TIAR: The team has now been in France for a few days. How has training gone and do you feel acclimatized?

Deven Owsiany: Training has been going really well. We are staying a few hours outside of Paris in Granville, France and the training facilities are great. We had a few 2-a-days and had a scrimmage that was exciting. We got acclimated pretty quickly and tried to hop on the time zone change as quick as we could.

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TIAR: The team had warm-up matches against Canada, Wales, and England. Do you feel like the team learned enough about itself in those matches to be ready for the World Cup?

DO: The test matches we had were a great way for our team to develop leading up to the World Cup. We needed to give ourselves a challenge and to see where we matched up against other teams and I think playing these matches were very beneficial for us.

TIAR: Everyone wants to start in a World Cup. How intense has training been as players fight for a spot?

DO: The training has been just as intense as the previous top 50 camp as well as the UK tour. Everyone here wants to start but we also want to push each other at practice so that we can continue to get better everyday. We have really emphasized "coaching up" at practice where players will give each other constructive criticism at practice. We realize that by keeping each other accountable to our goals we can raise our level of play.

TIAR: You are in a group with New Zealand, Kazakhstan, and Ireland. What are your goals in terms of group play?

DO: We have been working a lot on team play throughout our time in Granville. We are very confident in our defense so we will most likely be leading with that. We are focusing on one game at a time and focusing on using our strengths.

TIAR: What are the teams overall goals at the World Cup?

DO: Our overall goal is to make the Final. We realize that in order to make that goal, we need to either win our pool and put a lot of points on the board.

TIAR: You are no longer in the 7s residency program. Is that something you had to give up to play in the World Cup is it something you were going to more on from anyway?

DO: Playing 7s allowed me to work a lot on my scrumhalf passing and the 15s coaching staff gave me an opportunity to utilize this skill. It was a new challenge and I welcomed the opportunity. I am really excited about being a part of this World Cup team and can't wait to start the games.

TIAR: For people that aren't following the team in France, what are they missing?

DO: We are staying at a beautiful place right on the beach in the Normandy area. We've had some team outings to City Hall, the American Cemetery at Normandy, and Mont Saint Michel. Being able to experience Normandy as a team and be there during the Flag Lowering was an emotional experience. Knowing that some of our grandfathers gave their lives during the war and the respect that the French have for Americans makes me really proud to put on the USA jersey in a few days and represent our country. 

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