Friday, July 11, 2014

Atlantic Rugby Premiership Confirmed, Schedule Released

There have long been rumors of an elite East Coast competition unfolding next season and there there is confirmation. Five teams--Boston, Boston Irish Wolfhounds, NYAC, Old Blue, and Life--will each play a home and away schedule with a minimum of eight league games starting next September. The league will have five weekends in the fall and then five weekends in the spring. According to the competition "a “proposed” challenge pitting the champion of the Pacific Rugby Premiership vs the champion of the Atlantic Rugby Premiership. The proposed date is currently late May. The team that finishes # 2 in the “A.R.P” will enter the Men’s Division 1 Club Championship competition."

Overall the competition should bring a level of play that the East Coast has been waiting for. All of the teams, minus the Wolfhounds, competed against each other in the Elite Cup and this is a resuscitation of that with an expanded schedule. The inclusion of the Wolfhounds is a bit of a surprise given that New Orleans and Metropolis were thought to be in discussions (they haven't been ruled out for later seasons) but only having four teams creates some scheduling difficulties. Having five teams allows some teams to have a break when needed and allows the competition more matches.

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The East Coast needed to do something to deliver more high level matches that the Pacific Rugby Premiership gave to teams on the West Coast. The competition won't automatically make for a better national team but now if you live on the East or West Coast you are going to have a longer and more competitive season that you've had in the past.


September 13
Boston Irish Wolfhounds vs. NYAC
Old Blue vs. Boston

September 20
Wolfhounds vs. Old Blue
NYAC vs. Life

September 27
Boston vs. Life
Old Blue vs. NYAC

October 4
Boston vs. NYAC
Life vs. Wolfhounds

October 25
Wolfhounds vs. Boston
Life vs. Old Blue

April 11
Boston vs. Old Blue
Life vs. NYAC

April 18
Wolfhounds vs. Life
NYAC vs. Boston

April 25
Life vs. Boston
Old Blue vs. Wolfhounds

May 2
NYAC vs. Wolfhounds
Old Blue vs. Life

May 9
Boston vs. Wolfhounds
NYAC vs. Old Blue

May 30
ARP #2 vs. MAC #1
ARP #1 vs. PRP #1


  1. surprised NOLA wasnt added to, seeing at it would help life out with all the traveling they have to do. similar to what some college football teams they could travel together and say, life plays boston NOLA could play wolf hounds.

  2. Good to see the East Coast step into this Premiership competition...I hope & pray these clubs are able to secure the financials needed to fund their travel. We don't need another Super League flame out. Also, what are the venues like? Enclosed stadia so the folk can be charged at the gate (a modest $5, perhaps)? Putting a value on these matches will create value in the minds of fans.

    Now these five clubs had best get started training so they can meet fan expectation of well played & exciting running rugby!

    1. I attempt to go to as many Life Games as possible. Undergrad and Mens Club. They usually charge 5 bucks at the door and have a small concession running. Some games bring in 60 people others 250. I could see these bigger name teams bringing in bigger crowds. I would love to see the East Coast play the West Coast at the end!