Thursday, June 12, 2014

Luke Hume Returning To New York, Assessing Options

Eagles winger Luke Hume will not be returning to Narbonne next season and instead will return to New York to play summer 7s with Old Blue as he awaits opportunities elsewhere. Hume only spent the last part of the Spring with Narbonne for a total of two appearances, one of those starts. Narbonne weren't the only team with an interest in Hume last year. He had a lengthy tryout with Gloucester and even excelled in two 'A' League matches but in the end couldn't come to an agreement with the club. He also had an offer or two from lower-division clubs in England. Hume's preference is to still land a contract overseas but in the meantime will be playing with Old Blue. If a European contract doesn't materialize he will likely stay in New York.

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