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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

U.S. & Uruguay: The History

As part of our lead-up to the start of the U.S.-Uruguay World Cup qualifying series this weekend we'll be bringing you an article on the Eagles everyday. This coverage is brought to you by Grubber, who are now offering their "50 States" shirt. You can get $5 off through this Saturday with the code: 50STATES

In total the U.S. and Uruguay have clashed 12 times. Their first meeting was all the way back in 1989 and their most recent being World Cup qualifying four years ago. Overall the U.S. has a dominant record against Uruguay winning all but one of those meetings. However, that one loss, in World Cup qualifying in 2002, forced the U.S. to go through the repechage to qualify for the 2003 World Cup. That was the last time Uruguay was in the World Cup.

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It should come as no surprise that a majority of the meeting between the two have taken place in World Cup qualifying. Seven of the 12 total meetings have been in this format. Early on most of the results were fairly even. In 1998 the U.S. only beat Uruguay 21-16 and then in 2002 they beat them 28-24 before losing 10-9 a month later. However, the last four meetings have seen the U.S. dominate. In the 2006 series the U.S. won the first leg 42-13 in Uruguay before finishing the series off 33-7. Four years ago the U.S. won the first leg 27-22 and the second leg 27-6.

Only two of the matches between the two sides have been "friendlies"--the original meeting in 89' and then a friendly at Rio Tinto Stadium in 2008. Both were big wins for the Eagles with a 60-3 result in 89' and then a 43-9 result in 08'. The other three meetings took place in the Pan-American Championship. The U.S. won each of those meetings.

The Eagles XV have met Uruguay a few times on their own in the Americas Rugby Championship. The team beat Uruguay 20-8 this last October but in 2012 Uruguay prevailed 26-8. In both occasions the U.S. fielded a development squad while Uruguay sent nearly their full team.


1989: U.S. 60-3 Uruguay (friendly)
1996: U.S. 27-13 Uruguay (Pan-American Champ.)
1998: U.S. 21-16 Uruguay (RWCQ)
2001: U.S. 31-28 Uruguay (Pan-American Champ.)
2002: U.S. 28-24 Uruguay (RWCQ)
2002: Uruguay 10-9 U.S. (RWCQ)
2003: U.S. 31-17 Uruguay (Pan-American Champ.)
2006: U.S. 42-13 Uruguay (RWCQ)
2006: U.S. 33-7 Uruguay (RWCQ)
2008: U.S. 43-9 Uruguay (Friendly)
2009: U.S. 27-22 Uruguay (RWCQ)
2009: U.S. 27-6 Uruguay (RWCQ)

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