Monday, December 16, 2013

Interview With U.S.-eligible & Leicester Tiger Pasqualle Dunn

Pasqualle Dunn is the latest U.S.-eligible player to pop up at a Premiership club. At only 19 years old he is currently on the Leicester Tigers development squad. He has played in the Anglo-Welsh Cup in addition to many appearances in the 'A' League. Dunn is a candidate to play on the U-20s. We caught up with him to get more on his background and his interest in playing for the United States.

This Is American Rugby: What is your rugby background? How did you end up at Leicester? How do you qualify to play for the U.S.?

Pasqualle Dunn: I am from New Zealand and raised in South Auckland but I was born in the UK. Both my parents are from NZ but they both have Pacific Island heritage, My Mother is of Cook Island/American decent and my father is mostly Maori but with some Samoan in him. So that makes me a mix breed Islander, haha, which is very common nowadays.

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TIAR: How did you get in contact with U.S.A. Rugby?

PD: I found out that my mum has American blood and so I have been asking my agent/friends/players if they know of anything about the USA U-20s.

TIAR: Have you had a chance to talk to Blaine Scully about playing for the U.S.?

PD: Yeah I am pretty close with Blaine. I speak to him alot, he's an immense player! I asked him a couple of weeks ago about the USA U-20s actually and he was quite shocked that I could represent the United States.

TIAR: You're still young. Do you spend your time training with the first team or with the Academy?

PD: I train fulltime with the Tigers first team as I am part of the first team squad, and have been featured in some of the Aviva and HCup games but on the bench or as reserve.

TIAR: Have you ever/do you like playing 7s?

PD: I love 7s. Playing 7s is how I managed to get a first team contract with Leicester. But yeah you cant beat 7s, I find it alot easier to express myself in comparison to 15s. (Note: Dunn played 7s with Leicester at the JP Morgan 7s this summer)

TIAR: Tell us a few things about yourself that you think people here in the U.S. would like to know.

PD: I am a big NBA fan, (Big OKC fan, Steven Adams supporter) and Wendy's fan!! And I would be extremely proud to represent the USA U20s.


  1. What position does he play? Very cool to have another American eligible player in the Premiership.