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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pacific Rugby Premiership Officially Launched

Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CA - The rugby clubs of Belmont Shore, Denver Barbarians, Glendale Raptors, Olympic Club, OMBAC, San Francisco Golden Gate and Santa Monica are pleased to announce the formation of the Pacific Rugby Premiership (PRP), which is to play its inaugural season in 2014.

The competition will be officially launched on January 15th, with the first round of fixtures kicking off on February 1st.

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Consisting of a 43 match season, teams will play each other both home and away over a 14 week period.  The top two teams from the regular season will then compete for the Premiership title on May 17th, making this the longest competitive playing season for premiere rugby teams in the USA.

The PRP will also serve as a platform for clubs and players to showcase the depth of homegrown rugby talent here in the USA - pitching the leading teams in the country against each other week in, week out.

Being one of the fastest growing sports in America, rugby is drawing ever increasing interest.  As a result of this new competition, each club will host a full calendar of highly competitive fixtures, providing a great opportunity for expansion into local markets.  The Pacific Rugby Premiership will establish itself as the pinnacle of domestic competition - taking rugby to the next level in the USA.


  1. It's curious that Seattle OPSB was the one team to pull out. They seem like the team that would most benefit from having a competition like this, considering the lack of a local stateside competition. These are seven really good teams, and there's no doubt that SFGG, Belmont Shore, Denver Barbarians, and Glendale Raptors are some of the most ambitious and elite clubs, but not having Seattle hurts the quality of the league a bit.

  2. good first start, great clubs. what i want to know is more details. sponsors,players getting paid? if so how much and if not is there plans to do so in the coming years. same with coaches. is there goal to eventually become the rabo or premiership of the west side of america? what other clubs in say 2-3 years are possible to joining in, Sacramento or closer to Colorado to complement Denver and Glendale.
    what about broadcast of games, is there talk to have the final broadcast locally where ever it maybe.

    i know a lot of these cant be answered just yet and trust me im happy that these teams decided to "break" away and do whats best but those details as a fan and rugby lover also intrigue me