Saturday, November 9, 2013

Live Commentary: Eagles vs. Maori All Blacks

Final: Maori All Blacks 29-19 Eagles

Eagles Line-up: 

Forwards: Nick Wallace, Phil Thiel, Shawn Pittman, Graham Harriman, Tai Tuisamoa, Todd Clever, Peter Dahl, Cam Dolan; Backs: Mike Petri, Toby L'Estrange, Tim Maupin, Andrew Suniula, Seamus Kelly, Luke Hume, Adam Siddall; Bench: Zach Fenoglio, Titi Lamositele, Oliver Kilifi, John Cullen, Kyle Sumsion, Shaun Davies, Zach Pangelinan, Folau Niua

Maori All Blacks Line-up:

Forwards: Kane Hames, Ash Dixon, Ben Afeaki, Jarrad Hoeata, Joe Wheeler, Shane Christie, Luke Braid, Blade Thomson; Backs: Jamison Gibson-Park, Ihaia West, Matt Proctor, Tim Bateman, Charlie Ngatai, Kurt Baker, Robbie Robinson; Bench: Joe Royal, Chris Eves, Nick Barrett, Luke Katene, Elliot Dixon, Chris Smylie, Jackson Willison, Zac Guildford.

Take the jump to see how the game unfolded.

-As was noted earlier today. Scott LaValla has been dropped from the squad with an injury. Graham Harriman replaces him in the starting line-up while John Cullen now is on the bench.
-Anthems up now. Crowd looks good. Definitely a kiwi twinge to it but that's not bad.
-Very spirited anthem from the guys but here comes the haka.
-That was a pretty sweet haka. Everyone is charged up. This should be good.
-And we're underway!
-Maori have had most of the possession so far but they've been wasteful. That said, they're five meters from the line.
-Jamison Gibson-Park with the try off a stopped maul. Well worked try from the Maori. Good patience. U.S. didn't contest the lineout before that. The conversion is good. Maori All Blacks 7-0 Eagles. Only a few minutes in.
-Action is fast and furious right now. The Maori are better in the breakdown right now. That said, the Eagles just stole a lineout.
-MAB's penalized for being off his feet at the 22m line. Siddall will have a straight shot at the posts. The kick is good. Eagles 3-7 MAB's. The kick is big for the team's confidence.
-Injury break. Good stuff from both teams so far. MAB's have been a bit indiscipline while the Eagles need more going forward.
-Wonderful turnover from Wallace after a good spell of possession from the MAB's. Very good spell from the Eagles.
-Strong handling from the Eagles after a Maori knock-on. Leads to a penalty. Siddall will have another easy shot.
-Smaller mistakes aren't there tonight. Handling is better as is decision-making. Doing their best to match the work at the breakdown. The kick is good. Eagles 6-7 Maori All Blacks.
-Hume with a lightening run after the restart but the Eagles are pinged for holding on.
-Sweet intercept from Cam Dolan but he's stopped just short and the MAB's earn a penalty. SO CLOSE! Great read from Dolan to make something out of nothing.
-Maori penalized for infringement at the breakdown again. Wheeler carded. Eagles are a man up and have a lineout at 5m. Great run out of the ruck from Wallace set that up.
-The U.S. pinged for holding on. The MAB's clear it. Close again. Needed to finish there.
-HUGE HIT on Siddall. Ref going to the TMO on the hit. Asking if it was wrapped. No foul play so there will be a scrum. No penalty. Could have had one there.
-Ref penalizes the MAB's at the scrum. Siddall will have another shot. Eagles could take a lead into halftime. Siddall slots it. Eagles 9-7 Maori All Blacks with only minutes until half.
-Eagles pushing hard at the end of the half but the MAB's turn it over and kick to touch. That's halftime.
-That was EASILY  the best half the Eagles have played in years, if not ever. Energy, basic skills, kicking. Well done.
-Second half is underway!
-L'Estrange and Wallace are down right now. Fitness will be an issue as this match goes along. Subs will have to match intensity and skill. Both teams and full strength after the card ends.
-That didn't take long. Tim Bateman with the TRY for the MAB's only minutes after the half. Well worked out of the scrum. Conversion is good. Maori All Blacks 14-9 Eagles. 44 minutes in.
-Titi Lamositele is on for the Eagles. It looks like Pittman is off. Dolan nearly with a breakaway but Kelly called for obstruction.
-Zach Pangelinan in to the match for L'Estrange. Sumsion in for Clever who has blood. He'll be back.
-Sumsion looks like he's been knocked out. He'll have to come out.  Clever back on.
-Peter Dahl with a massive turnover. MAB's were simple, patient, and knocking on the door. The Eagles clear to safety.
-Bateman with his second TRY. Took advantage of U.S. kicking to simply find the gaps. Well worked try by the MAB's. The conversion is no good. Maori All Black 19-9 Eagles. 57 minutes in.
-The U.S. knocking on the door just short but the MAB's turn it over. Needed to turn that into points. Key moment.
-MAB's penalized. Siddall will have another shot at goal. The kick is good. Eagles 12-19 Maori All Blacks. 63 minutes in.
-Folau Niua in for Andrew Suniula.
-U.S. penalized at the breakdown. They'll take a shot at goal. The kick is good. Maori All Blacks 22-12 Eagles with 11 minutes to go. Need a big push here.
-Eagles close once again. A try here would be huge.
-TRY!!!! The Eagles with a huge score. Came off a NZ penalty, Hume quick tap, and then Kelly. Dolan scored. Well deserved. Siddall's conversion is good. Maori All Blacks 22-19 Eagles with six minutes to go.
-Bad turnover from the U.S. after they had the momentum. Could be big.
-Poor offloads gifts the MAB's good field position and momentum.
-And just like that it's a TRY! That should seal the match. Patient and clinical work from the MAB's. Not much to be done there. Conversion is good. Maori All Blacks 29-19 Eagles with less than a minute to go.
-MAB's kick to touch and that's full time. Maori All Blacks 29-19 Eagles. What a rugby match. 

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