Friday, October 11, 2013

Match Commentary: Eagles Selects vs. Argentina Jaguars

Final: Argentina 27-9 United States. Stay tuned for our recap.

The U.S. kicks off their Americas Rugby Championship campaign today with the Argentina Jaguars. If you can't view the livestream, please follow along on our commentary. You can read a preview of the match here.


Eagles: Lamositele, Thiel, Pittman, Harriman, Haydock, Barrett, Murphy, Dolan, Davies, L'Estrange, Mills, Pulu, Chapman, Roberts, Siddall; Bench: Falcon, Wallace, Sullivan, Tuisamoa, Asbun, Saint, Moala, Maupin

Argentina: Postglioni, Veiga, Diaz, Alemanno, Pagadizabal, Camacho, Chiappesoni, Chiappesoni, Imhoff, Poet, Rojas, Brex, Orlando, Tuculet, Berrea; Bench: Montoya, Tejerizo, Viale, Gueurineau, Lamy, Bertranou, Fernandez, Isaack

Take the jump to see the timeline.

-And we're underway!
-Argentina putting the U.S. under pressure early. The first scrum is not good for the Eagles.
-Thiel pinged for not rolling away. Argentina will take a shot on goal. Ref warning the U.S. for too many penalties. The kick is good. Argentina 3-0 U.S., 7 minutes in.
-Argentina knocks the ball on right at the tryline. Desperate defending for the U.S. on a very methodical Argentina team.
-And that's the first try. L'Estrange's clearing kick fails to find touch, no defenders at home and a few quick passes put the Jaguars in. The conversion is no good. Argentina 8-0 Eagles with 12 minutes gone.
-The U.S. is down and looking outmatched but Dolan is looking sharp right now. Davies is also doing well.
-Murphy comes off injured. Asbun on.
-A second try for Argentina. Lethal counterattack off a poor pass from L'Estrange. A few passes, a kick through, and nice recovery. The conversion is no good. Argentina 13-0 Eagles roughly 20 minutes in.
-Much better attack from the Eagles right now, but again another mistake ends the threat.
-Argentina pinged for holding on to the ball. It looks like the U.S. will have a shot on goal. Siddall's long kick from near halfway is short and to the left.
-Much better for the Eagles. Good possession 22 out from their tryline. They've been better last 10 minutes. And it ends with the U.S. hit for crossing.
-U.S. earns a nice penalty on Argentina from great work at the scrum. Siddall will have a much easier kick at goal. The kick is good. Eagles 3-13 Argentina with a few minutes left in the half.
-U.S. gets luck right before the half as Tuculet knocks it on right at the tryline. Strong attack from Argentina.
-And that's halftime. Rough start but then the U.S. settled down and had some very strong play later in the half. Dolan was very impressive, Davies, Pittman, and Lamositele did well. Mills tried to work but didn't have much ball. If the U.S. can keep the score as even as this, it will be a good result.
-Second half underway!
-Javier Rojas gets Argentina started off in great fashion. Defense out of sorts for the U.S., comes off another kick away by the U.S. Conversion is good. Argentina 20-3 Eagles.
-Argentina hit with being offsides. The pick and go's wear down the Jaguars. The kick is good. 20-6 with five minutes gone in the half.
-Jaguars penalized at the scrum, the U.S. elects to kick for territory.
-Tim Maupin and Tai Tuisamoa are on for Mark Roberts and Will Haydock respectively.
-Good spell of possession from the U.S.--again with the pick and go--but a knock-on does them in just a few meters out.
-U.S. wins the lineout, moves forward, and earns a penalty on Argentina. Should be a gimme for Siddall. The kick is good. Eagles 9-20 Argentina with roughly 15 minutes gone in the second half.
-Back and forth now. Argentina with a near breakaway but then the U.S. counterattacks. Neither results in scores.
-Another penalty to Argentina. The ref will have a word with the Jaguars. Another straight shot for Siddall. The kick is no good. Still Eagles 9-20 Argentina.
-Another penalty on Argentina. He should go for a yellow card here and he does. Argentina reduced to 14 men for the res of the match (almost). U.S. chooses to go for the lineout.
-A very strong series of movements for the Eagles near the tryline is ruined again by a knock-on. Demoralizing to not score there.
-Imhoff with the try for Argentina will seal the match. It all started with the U.S. missing out on their opportunity earlier. The conversion is good. Argentina 27-9 with less than five minutes to go.
-Excellent job to play past the whistle. But a knock-on near the tryline ends the match.
-And that's the final. Argentina 27-9 Eagles. The score doesn't reflect how close the match was at times. The U.S. had some good possession but too many small errors in crucial moments cost them. Conversely, Argentina were lethal with their opportunities.

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  1. US XV Selects played better than I thought they were going to, but man do they have some serious work ahead of them. I would say this team of young guys' replacements after they get too old, will actually be good. And this group will be almost respectable after a while. But we need to face it, that we are decades behind the rest of the world in terms of quality play.