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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Devil's Rugby Cup Set For December

The Devil's Rugby Cup is set for this December and is the latest in an ever increasing string of top-notch tournaments springing up across the country. We caught up with Hal Morgan from the Tempe Rugby Club and the Desert Southwest Athletic Club, who are organizing the tournament, to get the details on the competition and it's impact on the club.

This Is American Rugby: Who is scheduled to participate at this year's Devil's Cup?

Hal Morgan: Our event organizers have been in direct contact with club leadership from all of the USA Rugby Geographical Unions (GUs). The primary interest seems to be coming from the more competitive men's, women's, college (men's/women's), and youth clubs in the Pacific Northwest, NoCal, SoCal, Texas, and Mid-America GUs, which stands to reason due to their closer proximity to the Devils' Rugby Cup venue in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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TIAR: How long has the tournament been around and how have you been able to get bigger year after year?

HM: December 7-8 is the inaugural year of the Devil's Rugby Cup, which is scheduled the first weekend of December every year. This event has the fortune of building momentum previously created by the long-standing Wild West Rugby Fest, which was discontinued this past year by its organizers. As a precursor to the Spring 15s season, the Devil's Rugby Cup will host some of the most competitive men's, women's, collegiate (men's/women's), and youth programs from around the country and allow these clubs to improve their preparation and gauge their competitiveness leading up to the kick off of the official 15s season. This year's event includes the following divisions: Premier (sr. men's), Open (sr. men's/women's), College (men's/women's), and Youth (HS/U19 Boys). Cash prizes and registration discounts for next years event will be awarded to the top teams in select divisions.

TIAR: How beneficial is it to Tempe to host the tournament?

HM: The Devil's Rugby Cup is hosted by the Desert Southwest Athletic Club (DSWAC), LLC, which is lead by a group of current and alumni members of the Tempe Rugby Club in Tempe, Arizona. As a national contender in 7s and 15s each year, the Tempe Rugby Club has a long standing reputation around the country as a competitive and organized rugby club. As a result, those rugby clubs that elect to participate in the Devil's Rugby Cup each year will be rest assured that the event will be exceptionally well organized, will attract other organized and competitive clubs, and will have a social extravaganza to top off the event.

TIAR: Do you think hosting a big tournament is something every club should do.

HM: No, not necessarily. Hosting a quality rugby event is a significant production and requires a great deal of commitment, long-term planning, resources, and leadership. Those organizations that are consistently well organized on- and off-the-pitch tend to possess these characteristics necessary for running an effective event that attracts repeat patrons.

TIAR: Where can people follow the tournament?

HM: For additional information including but not limited to registration, dates/deadlines, divisions, format, rules & regs, discounted hotel info, pitch location, and party information, please visit www.devilsrugbycup.com, or email us directly at info@dswathleticclub.com.

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