Wednesday, May 22, 2013

College Top Ten: Final Edition

The college fifteens season is now at a close after Life beat St. Mary's for the DI-A title. Of course this season will be remembered for the lack of a clear cut national champion. Whether or not it's important we crown a national champion is another question. Still, based on the matches we've observed this season we've come up with what we think is a pretty accurate list of the top ten teams in the country. So here goes:

1. BYU: The best team in the country all season. They went out of their way to play some solid teams in NYAC and Seattle-OPSB, and they won over Cal, which no other team had done all year.

2. Cal: Jack Clark's boys had a solid season by every count and just came up a drop goal short in the Varsity Cup.

3. Life: The Running Eagles were the best team in DI-A this year and had a navigate a conference with Arkansas State, they just didn't win that conference. However, in the postseason they turned it on and played fantastic rugby.

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4. St. Mary's: Anyone who watched the DI-A final had to recognize just how many talented players the Gaels have. 

5. Arkansas State: A strong regular season that was tainted by the DI-A semi-final loss to Life.

6. Central Washington: The Northwest continues to produce good talent and inclusion in the Varsity Cup will only strengthen their recruiting ability.

7. Cal Poly: Underrated for much of the season the Mustangs will likely fight it out again with St. Mary's in the West next year.

8. Central Florida: The surprise team of the college season the Knights have a lot to be proud of.

9. Kutztown: Another solid season.

10. Navy: Their win over Dartmouth could be a moment the program looks back on as the start of something big.

Honorable Mentions: Lindenwood, Western Washington, Army

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  1. As much as I love seeing the Cougars at the top, it is a shame to have a split championship. I don't blame one side or the other--they're just taking the roads they think are best--but I hope something gets worked out in the next year or two.