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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Utah Suspended, Will Not Play In Varsity Cup

The University of Utah rugby team has been suspended for the rest of the 2013-14 season, beginning with the Wasatch Cup this Friday. The Utes will also not be allowed to participate in the Varsity Cup on April 20th. They were schedule to take on Air Force in Provo and now and unknown team will take their place.

The Utes had previously been suspended by the school's administration after a reported altercation involving a player. That suspension was then changed to a probation. It seems that the terms of that probation have been violated. Utah has been one of the most success programs in the country over the last several decades but in the last few years has gone into steady decline. However, they still have All-American talent on their roster.

What do you make the suspension? Who do you think the Varsity Cup will bring in to replace the Utes?


  1. Yet another reason to push the lobby for major collegiate rugby programs to move from club sports to a team sports program under their respective athletic departments. It won't make the individual altercations go away, but when things like this occur in team sports, the responsibility falls to the individual(s) involved, not the whole team (well, not all the time). Point being, Athletic Departments usually have more professional and succinct options for corrective action of unacceptable behaviors. Sports Clubs directors usually have three options: Suspension, Probation, or Disbanding.

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  3. Already a shaky premise as a national championship and a viable commercial venture, the Varsity Cup is taking another self-induced hit. Pretty much DOA like it's forebear the CPD. Have to feel for BYU who are behind the Varsity Cup and are going to lose a fair amount of money from this weekend's gate and concessions. Regardless of what happens between now and the Varsity Cup final, Cal or BYU will have the most hollow "National" championship ever imaginable.

    The Utes have been a bunch of meatheads for the last few years. The first incident was violence related - player beat the crap out of a trainer - and I don't doubt that violence had something to do with this latest incident. The university deserves better.

  4. Self induced is right. If Utah cant get to the final due to off field issues, that to me is proof they are not championship caliber. Its a long road to the final be it injury, suspension whatever. Sounds like it aint the first time, so they had a chance to fix it and didnt. Bad decision to keep the guy on the squad the first time. I cant see jack Clarks guys having this issue or Rich Pohlidal etc. Who da coach?

    The Varsity Cup remains a fine idea. If it succeeds as a commercial venture that's another story that really doesnt impact the players coaches or fans. The direction of all of merikin rugby is to split up and do your own thing. Youth is forming state organizations. small colleges are doign their own thing. The NGB manages naitonal teams and dribbles best practice to the masses. Its all a grand experiment. The ERU doesnt exist anymore does anyone care? Soon the LAU's will follow. Cal and/or BYU are not intergalactic champions so what? play your rugby and enjoy the show.