Thursday, February 28, 2013

Afternoon Notes: Melville on TV, McCaw on Letterman (sort of), BYU Matches Broadcast

Melville on TV

Nigel Meville recently spoke with Fox News in an in-depth interview about the growth of rugby in America in a must watch video. Melville touched on a wide range of subjects, including the growth of rugby among youth, Olympic involvement, Carlin Isles, women's rugby, the Six Nations, sponsors, and much more.

He also spoked at length about his playing and coaching career, which isn't really hit upon that much in this country. The host of the show was a big fan fo Melville and got him to speak about being England's youngest ever captain as well as his coaching success in England.

BYU Broadcasts

Good news for BYU fans across the country and for any others interested. KSL, the LDS owned television station in Salt Lake City, will be broadcasting the Cougar's matches live this season on Here is the tweet about the news.

McCaw in New York

Richie McCaw is enjoying his sabbatical. He was recently on the David Letterman show (sort of).


  1. Also note that Saint Mary's College of California will be broadcasting their home games as well. The next game is Friday, March 1st at 3pm vs. Penn State. Should be a good one. Here's the link:

    Tune in Saturday when Saint Mary's plays Santa Clara

    1. Thank you. A couple of other programs do that as well. If folks have a time and want it included in our weekly TV schedule, email us at

    2. Including it in the weekly TV schedule would be cool.

      However I also think maybe a weekly article dedicated to links to (legally) streamed games would be cool as well. Or maybe a dedicated section of the website that would be updated weekly.