Monday, January 28, 2013

Wales At A Crossroads

Rugby is absolutely massive in Wales, just ask any Welshman. They are proud of their national team and are proud of their local club teams. However, pride alone isn't enough to compete in today's world of big money. The Welsh Rugby Union has been faced with quite a money crunch over the last few years and rumors have leaked out that they are considering getting rid of one of their professional clubs. At the same time they continue to lose players to France. In my latest article on RugbyRugby I discuss the need to Wales to realize that it can no longer compete with the money that's in France and England and that their best strategy moving forward is to scale back their clubs, develop young talent, and then profit off the movement of that talent to bigger leagues. If they don't adopt such a model, they could find themselves dealing with long-term negative consequences.

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