Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Features on This Is American Rugby

So by now you’ll have noticed that we’ve made a couple of changes to the site. One change that we’d like to highlight is the page tabs below “This Is American Rugby.” We want to explain to you a little more about each tab. 

Home: Obviously this takes you back to the main page.

About: Information about the purpose of This Is American Rugby.

Eagles Abroad Stats: A season-long running total of games played, tries scored, conversions made, and minutes played by Americans playing overseas.

Advertise: This Is American Rugby is growing rapidly and if you, your club, organization, or company thinks that they may be interested in partnering with us, this is the place to go.

Rugby Book Club: In an effort to reach out further into the rugby community and to exercise our brains, we will be having a monthly “Rugby Book Club” for those interested. Look for an announcement about our first book later today.

These changes, as well as others that you have seen or will see, are efforts on our part to make This Is American Rugby one of your first stops for rugby news. We appreciate your support thus far and look forward to continuing to bring you coverage.


  1. This is awesome Curtis! I have a request though, after you get us all addicted to your blog... Please don't bail on us like all the other Rugby blog sites hehe. ;)

  2. Don't worry Shaun, I hate my "real" job. I'd never give this up.